How the Soup You Drink Can Help You Lose Weight ...


Soup is a great option for weight loss provided it is made with low-calorie ingredients that are both filling and appetizing. Creamy, cheesy soups might not make the cut, but you can still enjoy a steaming bowl of soup on a cold day without compromising your weight loss goals. Use these easy tips and tricks and you can slurp your soup totally guilt-free. That’s great news, isn’t it?

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Choose Broth Based Soup to save Calories

Choose Broth Based Soup to save Calories Most experts will agree that broth based soups are way better for weight loss than cream based ones. Creamy soups are generally higher in fat and calories, whereas broth is water based so it’s much lower in both. Choose a brothy soup if you want to save yourself from piling on the pounds. Veggie soup and chicken noodle are both great options.


Bean Soups Will Load You up on Fiber

Bean Soups Will Load You up on Fiber Fiber is a must-have in any weight loss meal plan because it satisfies your hunger, but digest slowly, which means you’ll feel full for longer after a high-fiber meal. Beans are low in calories, but high in fiber, which makes them a great choice for soup. A handful of beans in your bowl can help prevent between meal snacking, while also tasting delicious. Black bean soup or chili are yummy choices.


Veggies Are High Fiber Too

Veggies Are High Fiber Too Making your soup heavy on the veggies leaves less room for high calorie ingredients and adds to the fiber content. For example, if you love chicken noodle soup, sub out some of the noodles for additional carrots and celery and you’ll still have a hearty bowl of soup that is lower in calories than one that is heavy on the pasta.


Watch Your Portion Sizes

Watch Your Portion Sizes Even a healthy bowl of soup can interfere with your weight loss goals if you eat too much of it. If you only account for the calories in a small bowl of the soup, but you eat three of them, you could be taking in more calories than is healthy for a weight loss meal plan. Measure your soup if that helps you stick to one portion. If you opt for a second bowl, balance the calories with what you eat for the rest of the day.


Make Your Own Soup Instead of Buying It in Cans

Make Your Own Soup Instead of Buying It in Cans Canned soup is one food that is way too high in salt. When you eat a can of canned soup, one serving may contain more sodium than you need in an entire day. Instead of relying on store bought soup, make a big batch of your own and freeze it in individual portions. That way you can heat and eat when you need a meal and you’ll have more control over the ingredients.


Soup Helps Prevent Overeating

Soup Helps Prevent Overeating Several research studies report that enjoying a small bowl of broth based soup before a meal can help you control how much of the entrée you eat. The heat of the soup, combined with the right ingredients, will take the edge off your hunger so that you don’t hog out when your meal is ready. This works at home and at restaurants, but choose wisely when eating out as some “healthy” soups are loaded with salt.


You Won’t Be Able to Inhale Soup

You Won’t Be Able to Inhale Soup Have you ever been so hungry that you’ve finished a huge plate of alfredo in minutes? When you eat soup, this doesn’t happen. Your spoon can only hold so much soup and you can’t really pile huge bites onto it. By slowing down when you eat, your body has a chance to tune in to your hunger cues, helping alert you when you’re full before you’ve stuffed yourself so full that you can’t walk.

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