7 Ways to Get off a Weight Loss Plateau ...

It’s very demotivating to hit a weight loss plateau. It is seeing the weight come off that keeps you working hard at eating healthy and exercising regularly. But when the effort doesn’t pay off, you mustn’t give up thinking you’ve reached as far as you can go. An extra push in something or a changeup is what you need to get off that weight loss plateau.

1. Sleep More

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You can break through a weight loss plateau by some fairly simple means, getting more sleep being one of them. Lack of sleep slows your metabolism, making you more likely to binge-eat during the day. If you open your eyes in the morning feeling sluggish and tired, try changing your evening routine and go to bed an hour earlier than usual for a week. You'll feel better generally and will see your weight has fallen again when you step on the scale.

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