Set These Goals to Lose Tons of Weight ...


Set These Goals to Lose Tons of Weight ...
Set These Goals to Lose Tons of Weight ...

Losing weight is never an easy thing, but if you’ve made the commitment to do so, you have taken the important first step. No matter how much weight you need to lose, having goals can help you create a plan to get you there in a doable way. Reaching goals is enough to keep you going so they are a vital part of any weight loss plan. Add these goals to yours and you should start seeing results pretty soon.

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Start Small Instead of Going All out

photograph, image, woman, photography, beauty, You might be tempted to overhaul your diet, wardrobe and exercise habits all at one time. Experts say this will never work. Instead, you should make one small change at a time so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed. Start with something easy like cutting out one soda a day, then build on those habits as you get used to each one.


Avoid Stepping on the Scale Every Day

human action, person, structure, thigh, sport venue, This might sound like a strange goal when you are trying to lose weight. However, putting too much focus on the number you see on the scale can backfire. Instead, weigh yourself once a week and then concentrate on how you feel and how your clothes fit during the rest of the week. Taking the pressure off like this can really help you stay on track.


Set a Goal That Isn’t about Your Weight

human action, clothing, active undergarment, blond, muscle, Yes, you should have a goal weight, but having other goals to work toward can help you keep your progress going. Set a goal to become stronger or to build your endurance and you’ll have something to achieve that is independent of your weight. When you get there, the motivation will be enough to keep you going until you get to your goal weight.


Reward Yourself Right Away

hair, clothing, undergarment, hairstyle, black hair, Rewards are a fabulous way to keep yourself going. Getting a prize is fun and can help you stay on track. Give yourself something right away, say after you lose the first pound, and you’ll build the willpower and motivation to keep on going. A new pair of running shoes or a night in front of the television without guilt are great ideas.


Give Yourself Rewards Often

human action, structure, overhead press, fitness professional, room, Don’t just reward yourself at the outset of your weight loss journey. You’ve got to give yourself a prize often throughout so that you can stay on track. Maybe a massage after you lose 10 pounds or a new yoga outfit after you learn to cook new healthy meals? Whatever it is, rewards keep you excited about losing the weight.


Aim for Activities You Love

human action, sports, physical fitness, arm, muscle, One of your weight loss goals should be to have fun, which means choosing exercise that you love is a great goal to have. If you enjoyed swimming as a kid, a couple of dips in the pool each week is a perfect way to burn some calories. Biking, jogging or team sports are also good choices.


Resolve to Go Easy on Yourself

clothing, active undergarment, thigh, muscle, leg, If you’re working toward a weight loss goal, it can be hard to stay positive and upbeat about it. You might feel guilty for giving in and eating that brownie at lunchtime or maybe you slurped a soda after a hard afternoon at work. Give yourself a break now and then it will be much easier to get back on track.


Your Goal Should Be Measurable

clothing, structure, human positions, lady, muscle, Make sure your goal is something you can track. If your goal is the work out X days a week, keep track so you can see your progress. If your goal is weight loss, don't just pay attention to the scale, do measurements. The scale may not change if you're building muscle but your measurements sure will!


Have Long Term and Short Term Goals

clothing, lady, muscle, leg, arm, Long term goals may seem unattainable, however, they make it easier to shift into the mindset of lifestyle changes instead of just the here and now. You can always break your long term goals down into shorter more easily and quickly attainable.


Hold Yourself Accountable

human action, person, strength training, sports, barbell, Use an online food journal to track your caloric intake. If you go over one day, don't fret and maybe go lighter the next. At least if you can see what you're consuming and break it down easily, you'll be on your way to seeing what needs corrected.

What is your current weight loss goal?

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Great advice! I did something similar a year and a half ago and lost about 16 pounds without much stress, actually I'm much healthier now, and I dropped from a EU size 42 to a 38! Lol!

I love those exercise pants! Where can I get them?

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