Lose Weight by following This Daily Routine from 6AM to 10PM ...


Lose Weight by following This Daily Routine from 6AM to 10PM ...
Lose Weight by following This Daily Routine from 6AM to 10PM ...

You need to develop a routine if you want to lose weight. That can be hard to do, especially when you're not quite sure what you should be doing each hour of the day. Well, according to Shape, here's a healthy way to live:

6 AM - Drink a glass of water
7 AM - Do stretches
8 AM - Make a healthy lunch for later
9 AM - Fill up your reusable water bottle and drink more
10 AM - Snack on something with fiber
11 AM - Write in your fitness journal
12 AM - Go for a walk around your office
1 PM - Eat the healthy lunch you made
2 PM - Go for another short walk
3 PM - Have a 150-calorie snack to hold you over until dinner
4 PM - Sip on green tea
5 PM - Bike home from work
6 PM - Make a low-cal dinner
7 PM - Brush your teeth while doing this workout routine
8 PM - Do strength training while watching TV
9 PM - Do yoga to encourage sleep
10 PM - Get to bed

Would you be able to follow this routine?

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Hey beautiful

This is not life! I don't get this! Eat healthy, exercise and live life.

Truly stupid and not realistic - you basically work out all night. Nobody would be able to keep to this routine. I expect better AWS!

Definitely! I have some stubborn fat I'd like to lose. I'll start tomorrow also. I'll add this to my wellness diary. Thank you, Holly! Keep up the good work!

The amount of likes on this article is staggering considering the very poor plan it outlines. Do people even bother to read beyond the headline before they like it? A weight loss plan without breakfast is not to be trusted in any way. 

Not doable

Also the girl in the picture has muscle. You need healthy fats and to eat more calories to get that. This just promotes unhealthy eating

No cause I have a 3 year old but I will try

Yeah this is great for people who don't work full time lol

Hmmmm good luck

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