7 Clever Ways to Lose Weight You've Never Tried before ...


To lose weight it seems pretty simple; eat healthy, exercise and become consistent as this, right? It is back to the basics and something we often over think because of the countless contradicting diets we hear about. But are there clever ways to lose weight, things you have never tried? And I am not talking about specific diet plans but rather tips that can motivate you to stack on track and weight loss tools of the trade. These tools can help you to break that weight plateau you have been stuck at embrace a new lifestyle. So check out these clever ways to lose weight and get ready to transform your life!

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Write Yourself Notes

human action, clothing, person, muscle, thigh, Instead of waiting for someone to write you notes, write yourself notes. I do not mean love notes but notes of motivation throughout the house. If you live alone this is much easier to do. Put a note inside your pantry stating you are what you eat. Put a note on your mirror stating you deserve to achieve fitness and health greatness. And wherever else you need a little extra motivation to help you stay on track!


Get Some New Workout Gear

person, image, photography, girl, human positions, As you begin to lose weight, reward yourself with some new gear like CWX tights and a sports bra. I love this gear. CWX timeless sport wear has cutting edge technology to provide stability, increased circulation, better efficiency when you work out and quicker recovery. So reward yourself with functional workout gear that works while you look cute too!


Make It More than Just a Number

hair, muscle, hairstyle, arm, thigh, Instead of just using the number on the scale to measure your results, measure your body composition and even use a tape measure to gage your results. Check in with new measurements and be amazing at how your body changes. Sometimes the number on the scale does not show everything, especially as you build lean muscle.


Make Your Healthy Food Fun and Delish

Make Your Healthy Food Fun and Delish Instead of equating losing weight with the same old boring salad, get fun and creative with grilled chicken and veggie wraps. Transform your unhealthy cravings into healthy delights and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle. If you go on a diet it will be temporary but adopting a healthy lifestyle can be forever!


Reward Yourself with Dinero

clothing, leg, human positions, sitting, thigh, For every time you lose weight, inches and gain fitness strength; reward yourself with a few dollars in a jar, by the end of the week you can treat yourself to a new fitness top or save for something fit related that costs a bit more. Rewards help you to stay motivated and give you that pat on the back you may need!

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Enjoy Your Water

human action, structure, room, muscle, sport venue, Water with lemon wedges, cucumber slices, berries or even orange slices can be just what you need to avoid the boredom. This splash of flavor to your water is refreshing and will help you to drink more. Staying hydrated will aid in avoiding you to confuse thirst with hunger and help you to achieve your weight loss goals. So drink up and slim down!


Lay out Your Workout Gear the Night before

Lay out Your Workout Gear the Night before If you are like most and motivation to exercise seems to get in your way; lay out your workout clothes the night before and get up early to exercise. Working out first in the morning is a great way to start your day and if you make this a habit, I guarantee your life will change for the better!

With these clever ways to lose weight, it is a wonder why you have not tried all these before. So get up, get going and follow these tips to a leaner, happier and healthier life!

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Really helpful article!! I should try #5 and #1 next time!!!

Good tips for a leaner, happier, and healthier life... Definitely follow this!!!

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