7 Ways to Get Rid of 🗑 That Pesky Water 💦 Weight ⚖️ ...

Water weight is the pesky weight you carry different times of the month from hormonal change, after having a sodium laden meal, when you are dehydrated or even when stressed. Water weight is the annoying weight that causes your rings to not fit, pants to be tight and have you feeling cranky and insecure. Water weight is the culprit of your mood swing as you feel inadequate and plain uncomfortable. So are you destined to pesky water weight because of hormonal change and eating out? Absolutely not because there are ways to get rid of the water weight and hello to your slim, sculpted waistline.

1. Sweat It out with an Endurance Workout

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After I delivered my third baby I had a really poor reaction to delivery, extreme water retention. It was so bad I could not even get my shoes on so I did the only solution I could think of and my doctor agreed; I ran. After going for a several mile run every day for over a week, the water weight vanished and I was back to normal. Sweat out that pesky water weight with an endurance workout and relieve your body of bloating!

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