How to Shed a Few Pounds before Christmas ...

We all want to shed those pesky few pounds before Christmas, but unfortunately, it’s hard to stay on track when sweets and treats are constantly being thrown in our faces. If you have trouble losing weight before the holiday season, never fear! I’ve created a list of quick switches you can make to your daily routine. They won’t feel very drastic at all, but you’ll definitely notice a difference when it comes to your waistline! Say goodbye to those last few pounds and hello to a healthy but fun Christmas!

1. Up Your Water Intake

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First of all, the most important thing to do is to up your water intake. When you drink more water, you won’t be dehydrated, which is most imperative when it comes to losing weight. If you’re dehydrated, your metabolism will slow down and make it so much easier to shed those extra pounds!

2. Stop Buying Junk Food

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It’s such an easy thing that doesn’t occur to a lot of people. If you don’t keep junk food in the house, you won’t be tempted to eat it. It’s so much easier to make good food choices when you don’t have bad food to eat in the house. Fill your kitchen with good food and your diet choices will fix themselves!

3. Switch Your Mindless Snacking

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We all get to a point in the night where we want to veg out in front of the TV. Most times, we reach for a snack and eat mindlessly. If you’re going to veg out in front of the TV, do so with vegetables. Don’t reach for that bag of chips. Keep cut vegetables on hand so that you can mindlessly snack on those at night instead.

4. Practice Portion Control at Parties

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It’s the holiday season, which means that you probably have a lot of holiday parties to attend. Rather than tell yourself that it’s the holidays and you’re allowed to splurge, don’t let yourself get too crazy. Instead, keep it in line, practice portion control, and learn to say no to all of those goodies that are tempting you.

5. Do a Workout Routine Every Night

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Whatever type of workout is your favorite, whether it’s running, Pilates, Zumba, or spin, make a commitment to do it every single day. By the time you’re done when the holidays start, you’ll have completely revitalized your health and you’ll notice a difference in your body.

6. Set a Goal

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Don’t just tell yourself that you’re going to lose weight. Come up with goals. Come up with different goals to set for yourself, whether that means that you want to see a difference, feel a difference, or even see a different number on the scale. Come up with something concrete to help keep you on track!

7. Don’t Get Too Obsessive

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At the end of the day, you can’t get too obsessive when it comes to losing weight. If you’re super obsessive, you’ll get to a point where everything will backfire. Instead of being on track with your diet, you’ll go completely off the deep-end and gain more weight than you lost. You’ll be able to lose weight and keep your sanity f you’re not too obsessive!

What’s your key to losing a few pounds before Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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