Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Lose Weight ...


Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Lose Weight ...
Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Lose Weight ...

Losing weight is as much about attitude and will power as it is about reducing the amount you eat and the time you spend exercising. Not having a positive mental attitude towards your weight loss goals is going to be a blocker. These are the mindset shifts you need to make to lose weight successfully.

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Don’t Blame Your Genes

clothing, active undergarment, underpants, undergarment, thigh, One of the best things you can do to change your mindset to lose weight is stop using the old cliché of blaming it on your genes. We hate to break it to you, but there really isn’t such a thing as being big boned, and if several members of your close family are on the heavy side too, then it is more likely an indicator of bad dietary habits. Without the excuse of ‘fat genes’, you can start to work towards real weight loss.


Think of Your Weight as a Symptom

human action, structure, room, person, fitness professional, It can sometimes helps to think about your extra weight as a symptom of a bigger problem within your life; perhaps too much stress at work, plain bad eating choices or a period of comfort eating that has become more of a habit. Once you isolate the reason for your weight gain, you can start to make plans to cut down on the problem, eventually phasing it out all together.


Recognize the Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

human action, clothing, person, room, muscle, A healthy lifestyle is the key to a longer and better-lived life, from eating the right foods to getting some good exercise on a regular basis. You shouldn’t think about healthy eating as simply a way to lose weight, but more a way to change your life in the bigger picture. The healthier you are, the more activities you feel up to doing, which in turned proves for a much more worthwhile and fulfilling life.


Don’t Let the Weight Define You

underpants, clothing, undergarment, brassiere, active undergarment, If you think of yourself as the ‘fat friend’, then that is all you are ever going to be. If you let your weight define you as a person than it is going to be much harder to lose it because you will essentially be becoming an entirely different person in your mind. Consider the weight simply as a temporary glitch on the way to becoming the you that you’ve always wanted to be.


Raise Your Standards

clothing, hair, undergarment, blond, lingerie, A lot of weight issues prevent positive change because a woman will start to lower her standards with regards achieving goals. It’s true - you might be a very beautiful woman, but you should not let this override your ambition to lose some weight and be as healthy as you can. Reach for a different, more ambitious version of yourself.


Embrace the Challenge

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, underpants, muscle, Many women fall at the first hurdle of weight loss because they see the challenge ahead to be a chore rather than a positive journey. If you can find the positives in your newly founded daily routine rather than the negatives, then you will have a much more enjoyable time, and when the weight starts to come off, your sense of self achievement will be sky high.


Discover Your Motivation

clothing, footwear, tights, leg, thigh, The only thing that is going help you succeed in your weight loss journey is finding motivation within. Sure, external factors can definitely give a temporary boost, but your mind is the only element that is going to be with you from start to finish. Make sure that it is on board with what you are planning to so and the process will be so much easier.


Don't Strictly Follow Diets

clothing, leg, thigh, undergarment, supermodel, It's easy to get discouraged or bored following a strict diet routine. One great way to combat this is become the leader not the follower. Arrange fitness sessions with friends, cook your family a healthy meal, just mix up your routine so you aren't set to strict or rigid standards and fall of the wagon.


Stop Being Afraid

human action, sports, human positions, physical fitness, sitting, Don't let your fear of not meeting standards, of the scale, of clothes, of not being enough hold you back. Sometimes, especially in fitness, we let our fear discourage us from achieving greatness and it really sucks! Instead of saying, "no way I can't" say "heck yeah I'm gonna win!" Or even "one day I will, and that's going to be a proud day."


Don't Rush Things

human action, structure, room, muscle, blond, You know the phrase, "You didn't gain it overnight so you won't lose it overnight." This is ENTIRELY true!! Slow and steady is best when it comes to weight loss because then you'll achieve your goal healthily and you may even surprise yourself. Set realistic goals (2 pounds a week, 10 pounds a month) whatever it is keep it small. If you meet it on time you'll be happy, and if you exceed it-you'll be extatic!!!

What do you think holds you back from losing weight and keeping it off?

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Its truee, your mindset has everything to do with your weightloss journey. I used to get stressed about the number on the scale, but once you view it in a more positive way like a lifestyle, health change than thats when the magic truely happens. Results will follow. Don't stress about calorie counts or any of that. Yeah it helps... But just focus on fueling your body &get; moving &the; weight will shed off. Enjoy the journey 😉 I'm already down 35 lbs !

I just need to eat better and workout every now and then, when I focus too much on just working out I feel good about doing it but not seeing results makes me just want to quit and not keep going because I feel like there's no point and I'll just be the way I am forever, I have actually already decided if I don't lose any weight and at least maintain my weight now I'll be fine with myself, I'm not super big but I've also never been in tip top shape! I do wonder how I'd look but my self-motivation kills me every time! 😔

What holds me back the most is probably not seeing improvement instantly-which is unavoidable-it just sort of knocks my motivation out of me


It'd be great if we had more posts on how to gain weight properly. Not all are facing overweight issues, and posts seem to be only for them. Ugh

Great. Thanks.

Me three

Sensible advice. 

Me too

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