How to Lose Weight without Stepping into the Gym ...


How to Lose Weight without Stepping into the Gym ...
How to Lose Weight without Stepping into the Gym ...

If you’re anything like me, you hate the gym with a vehement passion. Thankfully, going to the gym isn’t the only way to shed some weight. There are loads of options at your fingertips, but they may take getting creative since you won’t have the staff and equipment that a gym offers at your disposal. Losing weight is a great step for protecting your health and boosting your confidence, so get started right now with one of these ideas.

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Watch Your Portion Sizes Very Closely

Yes, exercise is a great way to lose weight, but you have to combine it with healthy eating patterns. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend working out if you’re undoing it with Taco Bell nachos and Dr. Pepper when you’re done. Choose low-calorie foods in the proper portion sizes and your exercise habits will only be enhanced.


Start Eating Breakfast Every Single Day

You don’t need the gym to get a great start to your day. Fill your belly with a high protein meal that gives you the energy you need to exercise wherever you choose to, while also promoting healthy habits for the rest of the day. Eggs with veggies or yogurt topped with fruit are two great choices.


Buy Some Workout Videos to Use at Home

It’s easy to fit in a great workout at home. I do kettlebells in my basement family room and I can honestly say that the results are awesome! Videos offer you plenty of options and variation so you never get bored. Can’t afford them? Check them out at your local library for free!


Join a Local Team Sports League and You Can Burn Calories and Make Friends

Did you tear up the court with a basketball in high school or score goals on the soccer field in college? Team sports are the perfect way to exercise without ever having to step foot inside a gym. Join your city league and you can meet new people and have fun while burning calories and working your muscles. Perfect!


Don’t Forget to Include Strength Training in Your Routine

Strength training builds lean muscle mass, which boots metabolism and helps you lose weight. You don’t have to bench press 250 pounds at the gym either. A simple set of dumbbells at home are all you need to reap the benefits. Bodyweight moves like squats and pushups are also beneficial. I like to lift while I watch TV.


Try Walking or Run for a Change of Pace (pun Intended)

All you need is a comfy pair of shoes and you can lose some weight just by getting out on the streets and trails near your house. The best thing about walking or running for weight loss is that you can tailor your speed and intensity based on your ability. Get ready to have the best body you’ve ever had!


Keep an Exercise Journal to Keep Yourself Accountable

When you write down your exercise routine, you stay on track by making sure you are going all out and doing the best you can. Not being able to write something down can be a powerful motivator for getting you to stick with the gym-free program you’ve chosen. Include the exercise you did, how long you did it for and your exertion.

What’s your favorite way to exercise outside the gym? Has it helped you lose weight?

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Joining in Zumba Dance Class is a must.. ☺️👯

Blogilates!!! And just eating clean natural food. Eating out ruins everything

I would love to try a Zumba class, seems like a lot of fun while burning calories!

Playing with my son burns tons of cals. Like going for stroller walks every morning and evening around the block. 😊

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