7 Ways to Lose Weight in a Week without Exercising ...


7 Ways to Lose Weight in a Week without Exercising ...
7 Ways to Lose Weight in a Week without Exercising ...

When looking for ways to lose weight in a week, most require an exercise regiment. However, there are effective and healthy ways to drop pounds quick without exercising at all. All it takes is a little bit of adjustment. So, here are 7 ways to lose weight in a week without exercise.

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Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to lose weight in a week. Writing down what you eat helps you stay aware to what you’re eating throughout the day. Many people don’t think it’s as effective as it really is. It only takes a few minutes. Setting goals in this journal may also help you on your journey to success.


Drink Water

Drinking water before and after meals is a powerful way to lose weight fast. Water doesn’t only have zero calories, it also keeps you full. Drinking a tall glass of water before a meal will prevent you from over eating. And, drinking a glass afterwards will kill hunger pains anytime soon.


Count Calories

Learning to count calories is just as effective as the journal. Setting a calorie intake limit for each day will help you reach your goal much quicker. Not only that, it will limit the amounts of junk you eat a day. Eventually, eating healthy wont be a challenge and you’ll know what to eat and what not to eat off the top of your head.


Cut out Carbs

Cutting out all carbs for a week will definitely help you cut weight fast. Over the summer, I cut out carbs for 2 weeks, and lost over 10 lbs. I wasn’t overweight, but I most certainly wasn’t happy. Adjusting to a no carb diet can be very stressful and hard to manage at times. However, it will only benefit you in the end. Cutting carbs means everything, no starches, no fruits, no refined sugars. Protein is key.This isn't an effective long-term weight loss strategy, but it will help you lose weight in a week.


Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions is proven to help you lose weight. Instead of taking the big plate, go for the smaller plate. Focus on eating more vegetables and meats rather than potatoes, rices and pastas. They wont kill you if you eat them in moderation. However, you can never go wrong with an extra helping of vegetables.


Eat a Filling Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This doesn’t mean piling up on the bacon and going for a few extra pancakes. A breakfast filled with protein will help start your diet off right. Eating a fulfilling breakfast will control your hunger. Snacking can still be an option, but you’ll eat less of it. Eating a healthy breakfast will keep you motivated to eat healthy all day long.



When you’re tired you tend to eat more. Also, people who are sleep deprived tend to have a bigger appetite. A tired brain is hard to control when it comes to impulses. So, when the brain looks for things that will reward you, food always comes up first. Getting enough sleep each night will keep you from craving foods that aren’t good for you.

Working out isn’t always the solution. Sometimes all it takes is a little adjustment to your daily routine to help reach your weight loss goals. Do these ways work for you? What are some things you do to drop pounds without exercising? Good luck everyone!

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think ill try this at least a week...plus at least walking, two days.maybe.

how can you tell what has carbs? 😫

if you dont eat carbs for a long time amd then start back you will gain weight faster

exercise is a MUST !

I agree, I still would in courage more exercise too. for me 2 days a week fasting on raw foods helps keep my wait down and eliminate toxins and fat of course, lots of water too.

These are all effective but cutting carbs out completely will just have you loosing water weight rather than fat.

Love this app

does this really works

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