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These weight loss tips from Marissa Miller might just be the key to your weight loss success if you put them into action. Marissa is one of Victoria Secret's most successful models and if you think she gets her bodacious body naturally, think again. She’s not only coveted by men around the world, but also admired by many women everywhere too. Marissa Miller knows what it means to work for what you want in life and in achieving a fit, fabulous body. Want her tips? Check out some easy weight loss tips from Marissa Miller that she dished out in some magazine interviews a couple of years ago. Apply these to your own life and you’ll be on your way to achieving a fit, healthy body in no time!

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Portion out Your Food

This is one of the best weight loss tips from Marissa Miller and anyone else that you’ll ever hear - portion out your meals ahead of time. Also, be sure when you do indulge in a treat that you don't make it a daily habit, but more of a special occasion.


Swap out Unhealthy Foods

Instead of just removing the unhealthy foods from your diet, try replacing them with healthier versions instead. For instance, instead of potato chips, make your own kale chips. Want a sandwich? Fine, but choose sprouted grain bread instead of refined bread. You'll get to enjoy something similar to your old favorites without getting bored as easily.


Prep Your Meals

There’s almost nothing you can’t gain by spending two hours on a weekend day preparing meals and snacks ahead for the week. This way you never have an excuse not to choose something healthy.



Marissa likes to sweat when she works out to get the results she wants. Kickboxing, running, HIIT, and lifting weights are all regular fitness activities she enjoys. Sweating means you’re working hard, which means your metabolism is burning calories more efficiently.


Get Rid of the Junk

A successful diet doesn’t include junk food - period. Even if you indulge in a bite of a treat, make it a healthy treat like a piece of raw chocolate, not a candy bar or soda. Get rid of the junk and clean up your diet so you can lose weight without having to count calories or go hungry.


Eat Real Foods

One of my favorite weight loss tips from Marissa Miller is to eat real food - eggs, veggies, salmon, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, sprouted grain bread, salads, and healthy fats. Easy, healthy, efficient, and effective.


Stay Prepared

We’ve all been in the position of running errands where we find ourselves starving and tempted to eat something high in sugar and fat. Instead of ruining your dieting efforts, just stay prepared. Pack some raw almonds, a whole grain fiber bar, or a fruit and nut bar in your handbag to stay prepared.

She may be admired by millions around the world but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work for her body and her health. Take these weight loss tips from Marissa Miller and apply them to your own life to have a more successful diet and a healthier life. Do you use any of these weight loss tips in your own life?

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