7 Steps to Help You Lose 9 Pounds in 2 Weeks ...


7 Steps to Help You Lose 9 Pounds in 2 Weeks ...
7 Steps to Help You Lose 9 Pounds in 2 Weeks ...

Want to lose 9 pounds in 2 weeks without dieting and exercising like a fanatic? Even without cleanses, diet pills, non-stop exercising and a restrictive diet, you can lose weight and feel great. You can live your life happily and slim down in the process. How is this even possible? Try embracing your life in a healthier way. Revamp your pantry, eat new grains and become open to eating for your health. If you can practice new healthy habits, you will be amazed to see your weight loss results and also feel better. So are you ready to get started? Okay good let’s go! Here are the 7 steps to lose 9 pounds in 2 weeks:

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Weigh in

Okay so you want to lose weight and you are determined to reach your goal? Perfect, start out by weighing yourself, taking your waist, stomach, hip, arm, and thigh measurements and think about what you would like at the end of this, aside from weight loss. How about more energy? You can have all this and more when you lose 9 pounds in 2 weeks! Let’s get moving!


Revamp Your Pantry

If you open your food pantry and you see a bunch of white flour pasta, chips, cookies and cakes; it is time to revamp! Throw out all temptation and replace with whole grain pasta, quinoa, and homemade granola bars. If you take this step you will be taking a major step towards success! And fill your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables. Learn to love the endless benefits of eating healthy!


Get Outdoors

Get off the treadmill and get outside for a run for 6 days this week for 20 minutes to an hour. If you are just starting out you can do just a 20 minute walk so you do not overdo it. Getting outdoors for your workout is more motivating physically and psychologically. It is also much easier to turn off the treadmill and stop your run; when you are outdoors, you have to finish the run to get back home.


Set a Schedule for Your Workouts

To achieve success, you have to have a plan in place, so schedule your workouts. Find the time that works best for your schedule and make sure you can stick with it. I find mornings the best time for my workouts because this is the only time I can do this most days, what about you? Find a time that works and stick with it!


Plan Meals in Advance

Eating healthy takes a lot of work and planning but it is all well worth it. Prepare brown wild rice and cut up veggies for the week. In a bind, you can always make a healthy stir fry for dinner and with all the prep work done in advance, you will have dinner done in a cinch! How easy is that for slimming down!


Get Focused

Do not mindlessly move through your workouts, think about what and why you are doing this! Pushups are a great exercise that works your upper body and core, with focus you can engage your abs and arms to get an even better workout. So do not just go through the motions, get into it!


Go Victory Shopping

Now if you followed this 2 week plan and stuck to it, you will be noticing your clothes getting bigger and you will have more energy. So it is time to re-measure, weigh in and go victory shopping to celebrate. No need to break the bank, just one slimmer outfit can ago a long way and the best part is that you earned it!

With these steps to help you lose weight, it is time to get up, get moving and make a difference in your life. You deserve to better your life with these healthy changes!

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I'm gonna give it a go 😋

No thanx I love my curves :p

This article never actually says how to lose 9 pounds in 2 weeks. I don't recommend taking all of those measurements. That leads to negative behavior

Isn't this a bit unhealthy way to approach to lose 9 pounds in two weeks ?! Because it seems to me that it will create a major shock for your body . Really sad reading about this because people should lose weight the 'healthy' way instead of doing it fast . It can impact your body in a bad way . I think that a healthy diet and regular exercise is enough !

It's not realistic I prefer slow and steady!

I'm gonna start to get back into running starting tomorrow. I'm on a gluten free diet so Ima need to go buy some stuff gluten free as I like I eat a fillin meal after a work out

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