19 Wonderful Weight Loss Infographics to Help You Achieve Your Goals ...


19 Wonderful Weight Loss Infographics to Help You Achieve Your Goals ...
19 Wonderful Weight Loss Infographics to Help You Achieve Your Goals ...

January is here and many make it their mission to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. I like to focus on health rather than weight loss because weight loss is synonymous with deprivation and chomping on cardboard crackers. If you focus on health however, weight loss is a fabulous byproduct of healthy living. Check out these weight loss infographics for your best you ever!

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Zero Calorie Foods

ecosystem,line,diagram,illustration,Zero, One of the great weight loss infographics is this one on zero and negative calorie foods. Of course, I'm not condoning eating just these and it's essential to have a balanced diet but these foods are sure to help you on your way to your health goals.
Source: urbanewomen.com


100 Calories or Less

BMS,text,font,design,line, We all love a little snack every now and then. Well, these 100 calorie or less options are far better than reaching for the candy and coffee so when you're tempted, have a look at this great infographic.
Source: yourweightlossaid.com


Science of Weight Loss

text,ecosystem,biology,screenshot,lawn, Understanding the ways in which the body works and how we burn food can help when we're looking to lose a few pounds. Have a look at this infographic for more information on the science of weight loss.
Source: visual.ly


Speed That Metabolism

text,ecosystem,advertising,line,menu, If you're interested in foods which speed your metabolism then have a look at this infographic and stock up when you're next out shopping!
Source: naturalhq.org


Burn Baby Burn

text,font,line,advertising,SUPER, This infographic has some great ideas for fat-burning foods. Obviously, weight loss will come through combining a healthy diet with exercise but these fat-burning foods are sure to help you on your way to your weight loss goals.
Source: foodista.com



advertising,Breahyast,Snack,lunch,IHARDBILEDEDE, This is another fabulous infographic with plain and simple information on how to lose that weight. Losing a pound a week means you will have to eat 1500 calories a day. This menu gives you some ideas for your week.
Source: visual.ly


Marvelous Metabolism

advertising,brand,banner,SECRETS,ABOUT, Fancy learning about your metabolism and how you can lose weight? Have a look at this infographic for more information.
Source: urbanewomen.com


Lose That Belly Fat

advertising,brand,banner,screenshot,TIPS, If you want to know how to lose that belly fat then this infographic will help. It condenses all the information you need into one place and it will help you get in tip-top shape for bikini weather, which is fast approaching guys!
Source: greatist.com


Curbing Your Appetite

text,font,line,advertising,brand, Making healthy choices when you're looking to lose weight is important. Weight loss shouldn't be about total deprivation because that will lead to lack of energy and reaching for the high calorie snacks to give you the happiness high you crave. There are foods however, that can fill you up for longer and stabilise your blood-sugar levels.
Source: fitmommydiaries.blogspot.co.uk


Low Calorie Snacks

Kingsbridge Community College,text,ecosystem,font,biology, Here are a few ideas for healthy low-calorie snacks. Ditch the sweets, doughnuts and candy bars and opt for one or two of these healthy options and you will be one step closer to your weight loss goals.
Source: thewateringmouth.com


Stop the Struggle

font,line,WEIGHT,LOSS,DIET, Losing weight is not easy and this is why the weight loss industry, with their meetings and perfectly packaged portions, is a billion dollar industry. If you're struggling don't give up. Instead, have a look at this infographic to see if there are things you could be doing differently.
Source: freefitnesstips.co.uk


Secrets to Weight Loss

ecosystem,advertising,brand,line,the, Want to know some secrets to weight loss? Here they are in one helpful (or should I say healthful) infographic. It's important to remember that weight loss is one third healthy eating, one third exercise and one third healthy state of mind. All of these combine to create the perfect you!
Source: losingweightforall.com


Eating Mindfully

Drywall,product,font,line,brand, If you have been to a mindful meditation class you may have done the mindful eating exercise. If you don't know what this is, it's traditionally done with a raisin. At the meditation class I attended there was also a chocolate option, which I naturally went for. The idea is that you smell and feel the item first and then take a small bite. Then you take another small bite but you chew the food with the side of your mouth that you don't normally masticate with. The whole mindful eating process takes about 6 minutes after which you should be left with about half of the chocolate. I was left with about a quarter but I did better than a number of others who were left with little more than a chocolate stain on their napkin! It was a good reminder that we need to savor our food instead of mindlessly guzzling it down. It can also be great for weight loss as you're more likely to recognize the signs of satiety.
Source: visual.ly


Portion Control

color,text,pink,font,product, One of the reasons much of the world is expanding is because of portion control. If you have seen Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, you will know how portion sizes have increased along with the world's waistline. If you're unsure how much you should be eating, have a look at this infographic.
Source: infofit.ca


Think before You Eat

text,ecosystem,font,biology,advertising, This is a sobering infographic and shows exactly what you need to do and for how long in order to burn off that delicious treat. It certainly made me think twice before reaching for that high calorie snack this afternoon!
Source: womenshealthmag.com


Spice up Your Life

Spices,produce,plant,food,grass family, Just in case you needed reminding about the ways in which spices can speed up weight loss, have a look at this infographic.
Source: ahealthblog.tumblr.com


Trick of the Mind

text,advertising,font,product,biology, When it comes to everything we do in life, it's all in the mind. If you're interested in ways to trick the mind into eating less, then have a look at this infographic.
Source: catalog.samsclub.com


Weight Loss Tips

design,Tips,for,Guaranteed,Weight, Here are some more great weight loss tips.
Source: skinnydivadiet.com


Banish Boredom Eating

Thiros,Rungu,Psychologist,font,advertising, The weight can creep on as a result of eating through boredom. Banish the boredom eating and when you think you're hungry, just do one of these things instead!

These are just a few of the great infographics for weight loss that will help you achieve those weight loss goals. Which is your favorite?

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