7 Ways to Support a Friend Who's Trying to Lose Weight ...


7 Ways to Support a Friend Who's Trying to Lose Weight ...
7 Ways to Support a Friend Who's Trying to Lose Weight ...

If you have a friend who’s trying to lose weight then there are some things you can do to support her. Being a supportive friend by doing these things is something she’ll deeply appreciate. The road to weight loss isn’t always easy. Having a friend who supports your journey means everything.

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Let Her Choose the Restaurant

One thing you can do to support a friend who’s trying to lose weight is let her choose the restaurant when the two of you go out. She knows what works for her diet needs better than you do. If you suggest a restaurant, then it’s possible that it won’t have good options for her to choose from. It’d probably also be a good idea to not suggest getting dessert after the meal. If you’re craving something sweet then indulge your sweet tooth after you part ways.


Tell Her You’re Proud of Her

This one is such a simple thing to do. Tell your friend that you’re proud of her for trying to lose weight or for the weight she’s already lost. Knowing that someone is proud of you is something we all love to hear. It makes us feel good about ourselves. This is a gift you can give your friend that you can be sure she’ll treasure. It can be motivation to help her keep going.


Exercise with Her

Something else you could do to support your friend on her weight loss journey is exercise with her. Exercise is something everyone needs, even if you’re at a healthy weight. This is a way you can spend time with her. It also gives her support on her weight loss journey. It’ll be fun for her to have you as a workout buddy.


Share Your Stay Thin Tips

This is something that can be helpful to a friend trying to lose weight but it’s one you want to be careful with. You only want to share your tips if she asks for them. If she does ask, then feel free to share what works for you in staying thin. It’s always encouraging to hear someone else’s recipe for success.


Don’t Tempt Her

Dieting is hard even on a normal day without extra temptations. Days that have extra temptations are both difficult and frustrating. It’s best not to put extra temptations in front of a friend that’s working on weight loss. Skip buying her candy as a gift. Don’t try to talk her into a treat if it’s not part of her diet plan.


Treat Her to Something New to Wear

If there’s an occasion where you need to buy a gift for your friend or you want to buy one just because, then this is a good idea to keep in mind. Buy her something in her new size. You need new clothes when you’re losing weight. Wearing clothes that’re now too big isn’t fun or encouraging. Wearing something in your new size that fits is.


Offer Encouragement

Your encouragement means more than anything to a friend that’s trying to lose weight. Let her know that you believe in her. Tell her she can do it. Those little words may not seem like much to you but they’ll mean the world to her. It can give her the motivation to keep going.

These are 7 ways you can support a friend who’s trying to lose weight. What can you add to this list? I’m anxious to read your ideas!

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Great article! My biggest problem is motivation. If I had friends who were also trying to lose weight (and not just talking about it), it would help a lot.

I like this one. There were three cakes offered to me yesterday, and I didn't have ONE bit. I hated it, but was so proud at the same time.

My friend is currently trying to loose weight and she keeps asking me if I think she can do it I always say yes I do and I am proud of her but she thinks I'm joking and just rolls her eyes thank you I'm going to use some of these on her tomorrow

- should share this with my friends.. 👍😂

Awesome tips!

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