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I recently interviewed ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss participant Charita Smith to find out more about her experiences losing 150 pounds in the 2014 season debut. As a certified trainer, I am amazed at her dedication, focus and perseverance to lose weight and never give up. She is a true inspiration, just watch her and you can see this. Charita Smith has so many great tips on losing weight and loving life, like these:

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There is No Secret to Weight Loss

Charita discussed with me how there was no secret or magic pill that helped her lose 150 pounds, it was all through diet and exercise. Chris Powell and his wife Heidi helped her with life lessons, personal training and guidance along the way, but the best thing she learned from them was the hard work it would take. All good things in life are achieved. And Charita Smith is no stranger to working hard, just watch her on Extreme Weight Loss and you can witness this!


Allow Yourself to Be Transparent

Charita spoke up her emotional past of having an abortion at a young age. Into her adulthood, she never forgave herself for making this choice and this led to significant weight gain. But after opening up to her family and friends, along with the Extreme Weight Loss trainer, Chris Powell, she allowed herself to be transparent and let others in. This helped her to heal, lose weight and find herself in the process. So do not be scared to let others in.


Accept Your Responsibilities

Working one job in itself is tough, but imagine working two. Charita balanced a job in a nursing home while working as a hairdresser and her responsibilities were high. After losing weight with Chris Powell at Bootcamp, she swapped her nursing home job to become a Zumba instructor. She loved to dance and these hours fit into her new life better, so it just made sense. But part of weight loss is knowing that you have to accept your responsibilities, they are not going to disappear!


Be Thankful

You should always be thankful for all that you have and count your blessings. Charita counts her blessings of her three sons and supportive husband, and she says she could not imagine this journey without their love and support. What are you thankful for?


Be Accountable

With weight loss, it is really important to make yourself accountable to other people so that you can stay on track. For Charita, she was accountable to Chris and Heidi Powell during her 3 months of Bootcamp, along with herself. If you hold yourself accountable, you will stay motivated and on track to lose weight along with change your life.


Life is Balance

After the red carpet premiere of Extreme Weight Loss, Charita had to run to Walmart to get cereal for the kids' breakfast the next day. While she was there people came up to her and asked if they just saw her on television. Even after a red carpet event, Charita was still balancing her responsibilities and roles as a mother. Life is balance, so make sure you squeeze your fitness sessions into your busy life. It is all about setting your priorities in order.


Look towards the Future with New Goals

After losing 150 pounds, Charita is getting surgery to remove the excess skin from losing such a significant amount of weight, but she is looking forward to the future. She has goals to run a half marathon and continue to change lives through instructing Zumba. The best way to stay motivated for weight loss is to make new goals regularly. So what are your fitness and health goals?

I hope this story has helped motivate you to work towards your fitness, health and weight loss goals. So what are your weight loss goals and how will you achieve them?

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