How to do Walking to Lose Weight ...


How to do Walking to Lose Weight ...
How to do Walking to Lose Weight ...

Walking is an excellent way to get exercise without worrying about pulling a muscle or overexerting yourself. Most people find walking to be perfect for shedding a few pounds and increasing muscle mass over time. Just about anyone can add walking to their daily routine without any ill side effects. Some individuals may want to consult their doctor before starting a walking regimen, due to any existing health conditions they may have. All you need is a pair of quality shoes with good arch support and lots of cushion. Once you have your walking shoes on, follow the following tips on how to do walking to lose weight and you’ll be on the way to a healthier new you.

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Include a Hill or Two in Your Walking Route

Walking uphill burns a lot more calories and increases muscle tone faster than sticking to flat land. Try going up at least one hill during your walking routine. If possible, add in one or two more hills as you become progressively stronger and in better shape. By burning more calories while you hike up the hill, you’ll be able to lose weight faster too!


Keep Hydrated

Your body needs lots of water to move toxins through your system so they don’t build up. Water also keeps your entire body functioning properly, which is important for weight loss. Staying hydrated while you walk will provide you with the water your body needs as you work on becoming more fit.


Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal before Walking

Filling up on food before going for a walk will make it difficult to get the full benefit of walking. Your body will be working hard to digest the food you’ve just eaten, instead of helping you to reduce the amount of fat your body has stored up. Eating a huge meal and thinking you will simply walk off the extra calories shortly after kind of defeats the purpose of walking in the first place. Eat a light snack or nothing at all before heading out for your walk.


Walk for at Least 20 Minutes

The longer you can walk, the better your results will be. You want to walk a good distance and at least get your heart rate pumping a bit faster than usual. It’s actually more beneficial if you can walk for up to 30 minutes at a time. If you can, that’s great! However, if you can’t, then shoot for 20 minutes instead. The more you can walk the more pounds you can shed.


Be Consistent

In order for walking to help you drop weight, you’ll need to walk consistently. It will be hard to see results any time soon if you take a long walk one day and then skip a few days before going for a much shorter walk. Try to schedule your walk for the same time each day and for the same length of time. It’s also better for your weight loss regimen if you try to walk every day or at least every other day.

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Carry Light Weights as You Walk

Carrying a pair of 3 to 5 pound hand weights will help you tone arm muscles as you walk. You can even wear a pair of ankle weights while you walk to help strengthen your leg muscles even more. It’s a good idea to start off with extremely light weights and slowly work up to heavier ones, in order to avoid injury. The more muscle tone you are able to produce, the more weight you’ll be able to lose.


Stick to a Fast Walking Pace

The faster you walk, the more calories you’ll be able to burn. You already know how important it is to burn up excess calories when the goal is to lose a few pounds. Speed walking may look a bit odd, but it does burn more unwanted fat than taking an easy stroll through the park will.

I hope these tips on how to do walking to lose weight come in useful for you and your goal of living a healthier lifestyle. If you can get your furry canine companion or a good friend to walk with you, it will be much more fun! Can you think of any other ways walking can help you lose weight?

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