How the Sexy Ladies at Cosmo Cut Calories ...

The ladies over at Cosmopolitan are beyond sexy. How did they get that way? By following these tips to cut calories:

1. Blot Oil off of Pizza

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You won't believe how much residue will end up on your napkin.

2. Eat Bagel Flats Instead of Full Bagels

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This way, you won't be consuming as much unhealthy bread.

3. Order Your Own Appetizers

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When you order appetizers you plan on sharing, you tend to get the unhealthy ones, so stop agreeing to split them.

4. Dress Your Food Yourself

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Order the salad dressing on the side, so that they don't overload your food with it.

5. Eat Powdered Peanut Butter

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This can taste as delicious as the peanut butter you're used to eating.

6. Eat White Fish Instead of Dark Fish

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Not all fish is created equally, you know.

7. Eat Cold Greens Instead of Warm Ones

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Stack some crisp lettuce onto your plate, ladies.

8. Opt for Plain, Dark Meat Poultry

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Do this instead of eating "light meat loaded with condiments."

9. Top Pasta and Pizza with Garlic Powder

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This is healthier than Parmesan.

10. Pour off the Oil That Collects at the Top of Peanut Butter Jars and Dressing Bottles

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This will get rid of tons of calories.

11. Use Unsweetened Almond Milk in Your Coffee

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Swap your creamers and whole milk out for almond milk.

What other tips for cutting calories do you have?

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