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Girl's Guide on How Losing Weight Can Change Your Mind Body and Soul ...

By Alicia

Losing weight has many benefits, even if it’s only 10 pounds or so. If you’re overweight then it could easily affect your life in one or more of these ways. Being at a healthy weight is good for you mind, body and soul. Let’s talk about some specific benefits you could see.

1 Acid Reflux Gets Better

clothing, swimwear, muscle, supermodel, sun tanning,Acid reflux is a medical condition that occurs when acid doesn’t stay contained in the stomach and creeps up into the esophagus causing symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, feeling the need to clear your throat and other symptoms. It has many triggers such as citrus fruits 🍊, chocolate, caffeine and more. Being overweight can worsen the condition. Losing even just 5 or 10 pounds can make a difference. If you’ve suffered with acid reflux then this’s great news for you!

2 Sleep Apnea Can Decrease or Disappear

human action, clothing, active undergarment, underpants, undergarment,Sleep apnea is another medical condition that’s affected by weight. You can still have sleep apnea even if your weight is in a normal range but being overweight makes the problem worse. Losing weight can decrease your sleep apnea or even make it disappear completely. This’s a good motivator for losing weight if you have this medical condition. It’s important to note that only a doctor is qualified to judge if your sleep apnea has decreased or disappeared.

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3 Less Stress on Your Knees and Ankles

human action, sports, physical fitness, endurance sports, physical exercise,Being overweight puts a lot of strain on your knees and ankles. Over time, this can lead to problems that require physical therapy, surgery or other interventions. Losing weight can help to prevent those problems. Being at a healthy weight takes the stress off your knees and ankles. Your pain could completely disappear.

4 Less Risk of Serious Health Problems

hair, clothing, blond, hairstyle, muscle,Your risk of health problems goes up when you’re overweight. Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are more likely to occur. Of course there’re other factors such as your family history, food choices and more that affect your likelihood of developing one of these health problems. But being at a healthy weight gives you the best chance for being healthy. It’s something we should all work toward.

5 Your Outlook is More Positive

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, brassiere, underpants,Being at a weight that you look and feel good at is going to give you a more positive outlook. 🌞You aren’t worrying about your weight any longer. That’s one less stressor in your life. When your stress goes down then of course you’re going to be more positive. This can spill into every area of your life which is a wonderful thing.

6 You Have More Energy

clothing, supermodel, leg, swimwear, thigh,Being overweight can zap your energy. You can’t feel your best when you’re carrying more pounds than your body needs. It makes sense that you don’t have the get up and go spirit you want to have when you’re overweight. Setting even small goals of weight loss can be helpful. You’ll quickly notice a difference in your energy level when the weight begins to come off.

7 Your Self Esteem Goes up

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, muscle, underpants,I’ve had struggles with weight before. I completely understand how it can affect self-esteem. If it doesn’t affect yours then that’s great. But if it does, then you’re sure to notice a self esteem boost when you lose weight. Your confidence could begin to soar as you enjoy your new size.

These’re 7 ways losing weight can change your body, mind and soul. Which of these are you hoping weight loss could help you with? You’re always welcome to comment!

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