7 Ways to Lose Weight for Girls Who Love to Snack ...


7 Ways to Lose Weight for Girls Who Love to Snack ...
7 Ways to Lose Weight for Girls Who Love to Snack ...

Snacking can sabotage your diet. You can easily take in hundreds of extra calories in what seems like an innocent snack. If snacks are your issue then this article can offer you some helpful hints. Use these tips to keep your mind off of snacking in between meals.

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Get into a Project

I truly understand the temptation to snack. It’s my biggest issue when I’m trying to watch my weight. Because of this, I’ve learned some ways to avoid snacking, like this one. Getting into a project can keep your mind off of snacking. It can be cleaning out a closet, writing a paper or any other number of things.


Have a Piece of Gum

I’ve often heard that brushing your teeth can kill the urge to snack and it can, somewhat. But I’ve found that chewing gum works better. It’s something that keeps your mouth actively engaged for awhile. It can also help because of the burst of flavor that you get. Lately I’ve been enjoying Trident Splash Strawberry Lime when I’m craving flavor but don’t want to snack.


Eat on a Schedule

Eating on a schedule can be helpful in breaking the snack habit. If you want to allow yourself a healthy snack, schedule it into your eating plan. I try to only have fresh fruit if I’m hungry in between meals and that’s been helpful to me. Other healthy snacks could include a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt or maybe even some hot tea. It’s helpful for some people to know there’re snack options available that won’t ruin their weight loss goals.


Drink a Glass of Water

Sometimes we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty. Our body is good at tricking us this way. Try having a glass of water before you think about snacking. You may discover the desire to snack is gone afterward. It’s worth a try, anyways.


Ignore the Urge to Snack

Sometimes you just have to ignore the urge to snack. This’s so very hard; I’m right there with you on this one! Sometimes I just remind myself that I’m not starving and I’ll make it till the next meal. Snacking can become a habit if you’re not careful. This tip probably takes the most willpower out of all of these but it’s also very effective.


Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals seems like it would help with your weight loss goals but it rarely does. It’s actually counterproductive. It can lead to you being starving so you overeat at your next meal or snack on everything in sight. You’ll probably end up with a higher calorie count at the end of the day than if you hadn’t skipped a meal. Eating three healthy meals a day can actually help you to eat less overall.


Leave the House

This tip works quite well for me. I’ve discovered that I eat more on days that I’m just hanging out at home. Snacks are just so easy to access at home with the kitchen only steps away. Having plans and getting out of the house helps me to get my mind of snacking. A trip to the mall, library or other places can get your mind off snacking, as long as you avoid the food court and other restaurants!

These’re 7 ways to get your mind off snacking. What’re your best tips for this? I’d love to hear what works for you.

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Malls always tempt you to eat with all the junk food court

I luv to drink water as it helps u a lot for loosing weight

Snacking is fun! Just choose healthy snacks like nuts, grapes, string cheese, & veggies!

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