I Bet You Haven't Tried THIS Secret to Losing Weight ...


I Bet You Haven't Tried THIS Secret to Losing Weight ...
I Bet You Haven't Tried THIS Secret to Losing Weight ...

There are so many standard practice to lose weight like diet and exercise but have you ever tried to think outside of the box. Weight loss is not always cut and dry because sometimes you need to change it up to lose weight, Maybe you are stuck in a plateau which you cannot seem to get out of. You may be feeling discouraged and just want to give up. But please don’t stress. Take a deep breath and read on. As a certified trainer for over a decade I have some tricks of the trade I would love to share with you. Bet you haven’t tried these secrets to weight loss.

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Eat a Brazil Nut

food, dish, muesli, meal, breakfast, A brazil nut a day can just keep your weight at bay, especially if you have a thyroid that is slightly slower than normal. Studies have shown this one brazil nut a day can help to regulate a thyroid imbalance. So if you tried everything else to lose weight with no success, it is now time to try this!


Water before and after

water, drink, bottle, glass bottle, soft drink, Right before you sit down to eat your meal, have a tall glass of water to help in fullness along with aid in the digestive process. Now do the same, as you finish eating. As a result you will not only eat less but this will help to quicken your metabolism and you will be a step in the right direction for weight loss!


Use Your Body for Transportation

photograph, clothing, image, blue, endurance sports, Stop wasting gas and possible fitness time by jumping in the car every time you have to go a short distance. Use the beautiful legs attached to you to ride your bike, run or walk to your destination. This is a simple and effective way to lose weight while barely trying!


Add More Food

food, dish, meal, restaurant, cook, Don’t think about all the foods that you cannot eat since you want to lose weight and start thinking about all the amazing health foods that you can eat. If you switch your perspective to this positive attitude you will earn more results and also not feel deprived. Enjoy more fruits and veggies which as a result will have you feeling better!


Meet a Friend While Working out

clothing, black hair, human positions, thigh, leg, Meet up with your college buddy for a workout, head to hang out with some friends on a bike ride and use every moment as a possible fitness moment. Workout meet ups are the best kind of social session because you can multitask while bettering your health!


Workout with Me on Meerket or Periscope

clothing, leg, undergarment, muscle, thigh, You tried losing weight with some many strategies and your plan seems to be falling short, turn to me as your trainer and inspiration. Aside from reading all the amazing articles on AWS now you can watch us live. I am on live with Meerkat and Periscope 4 times a week. Follow us for me details on time so you can get in your best shape too!


Get to Bed Early and at the Same Time Daily

white, wedding dress, dress, clothing, gown, Studies show if you go to bed the same time and for ample time you will better your health and slim down. Your brain is conditioned to actually crave more food and unhealthy food when you are sleep deprived. So get to bed sleep head and rise early.

So now with these weight loss secrets you have, are you ready to get fit and lose weight? Then follow and get fit and fab!

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Drinking water before the meal is like gold, drinking in middle is like silver and drinking at the end is like sand. Now make ur choice ;)

Love the tips but the picture for number 6 is not healthy looking!

Motivational tips are what we need keep them coming 😉

Actually it's best not to drink water 15 minutes before and after eating because the water just flushes out all the nutrients.


Love these tips. Thankyou

Great article :)

Like any of these ladies need to lose any more weight!

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