7 Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight ...

By Tara

7 Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight ...

Do you know the most overlooked ways to lose weight? People often turn to strict dieting and exercise as the ways to lose weight when there are a world of other things you can do. Dieting does not have to be to the extreme of endless hours exercising and food deprivation. You can make small changes that will have you on board for a lifetime rather than a phase of your life. You can achieve and will see changes in your weight and your energy levels with overlooked ways to lose weight like these:

1 Add More Veggies

When we think of weight loss, we always think of all the things we have to give up. But there is more to life than deprivation so why not start looking at all the things you can add to make your diet healthier, like veggies. Slice up veggies into your morning egg white omelet, snack on veggies during the day and enjoy a veggie stir fry for dinner. Adding veggies to your diet is one of the most overlooked ways to lose weight that works. You will be adding phytonutrients, fiber and vitamins to aid your body to lose weight!

2 Stop Drinking

You may not consider yourself a drinker even though you have an alcoholic beverage with dinner but these calories add up to make a big difference on the scale. So cut out the alcohol or minimalize it to the occasional drink on the weekends. This change can help you to lose weight and see great results.

3 Turn off the Television

Sitting watching mindless TV can have you wasting away your life. There is more to life than the drama that appears on the television screen. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air with a bike ride or run. Make the most of each day by elevating your health and your heart rate with a workout. Before you know it you will see the pounds vanish by making this simple change in your life.

4 Switch Your Pill Prescription

If you've noticed the number on the scale increase since you switched to a different birth control pill, chances are this is what is causing you to gain weight. Some pills can cause excessive bloating and weight gain which can have you getting frustrated as you see the number rise on the scale. Contact your doctor and make him aware of the changes and be honest with him about your goals so that he can guide you.

5 Stop Dieting

Dieting is something that never works because you adhere to a diet and once you lose your weight, you always crave everyday foods. Rather than dieting, focus on making your lifestyle healthier, adding more outdoor fitness time, educating yourself on choosing healthier foods and having mini healthy meals throughout the day. Creating a healthier lifestyle is an overlooked way that can help you lose weight and change your life!

6 Walk More

Get outside to enjoy the fresh air and walk more. Walking will help you to lose weight while enhancing your physical and mental health. You can walk to your local destinations to save on gas and slim down. And, you will have more energy as a result! Or call a friend to bond while you both walk together to get in better shape!

7 Stop Eating Processed Food

Stop eating all the low fat and fat free products on the market because they are highly processed with many chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Opt for the real deal and choose whole foods, fruits and veggies. Your body will digest these more easily and you will see the results of the as the number decreases on the scale.

With all these overlooked ways to lose weight, it is time for you to get on track with your weight loss plan so that you can get losing. Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

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