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As the crisp fall weather cools us, your natural tendency is to crave more food, so what are the ways to stay slim? As it gets dark out earlier and the sun rises later, you may be feeling a bit sluggish lately, wanting to lie down for a nap. And you are not alone, because you are just one of countless others feeling the same way. This does not mean you are destined to gain weight during this fall season because there are ways to combat this. If you get outdoors more to fight the flab, you can avoid looking like a pumpkin and fall into shape this year! So here are the ways to stay slim this fall season:

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Enjoy the Weather While You Walk

Fall is a great time to get outside for a walk and enjoy the crisp, cool air. Fall temperatures are perfect to get a great workout in without overheating. And you can enjoy the beautiful foliage as you work out and get fit! Walking (or running) is one of the best ways to stay slim this fall!


Fight the Urge to Carb Load

With the sun rising earlier and setting sooner and dropping temperatures, this fall season of cool weather can have you running for the chips. Fight the urge to feed yourself with comfort food and have some veggie sticks and homemade dip. Your waist will thank you later when you fit in the perfect pair of skinny jeans to wear with your new fall boots!


Comfort Yourself with Low Calorie Soup

Soup is so comforting when the weather cools and it can also curb your appetite. Soup eaters tend to eat significantly less at mealtime. Just make sure to make a low fat soup without any cream to save on calories and help you slim down. I usually make this soup and it tastes great:


Increase Your Greens

Are you eating enough greens? To beat the seasonal blues, slim down and boost your immunity, make sure you include greens in every meal. Make veggies part of all elements of your diet and you will see a big payoff as the numbers drop on the scale!


Rake Leaves

Okay, definitely not intense as running, but raking leaves burns calories and can help you to get in shape. And while you are at it, feel free to clean off the deck and scrub the railing. All these chores will help you to burn calories and slim down, while your home will sparkle as a result!


Hike It out

The fall season is a great time to head to the trails to go hiking. The air is cool, the leaves are changing colors to red, orange and yellow and you cannot help but smile. Enjoy the scenery as you pick up the pace on your hike and get a great workout in!


Have Some Tea with Me

Rest, relax, pick your feet up and have a cup of green tea. Green tea will help calm you and slim you down. Some studies show green tea can boost your metabolism so have some tea already. Just choose herbal, decaffeinated tea, because caffeine dehydrates your muscles.

So go ahead and slim down this fall, enjoy every day of outdoor fitness because before you know it, winter will be here. And make the most out of your life! How do you like to exercise in the fall?

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What soup?

I row especially in winter. It's brilliant rowing on the river early morning.

I tend to lose weight in the winter because I love running when it's cold outside and all i crave to eat is soup and chia tea!

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