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Weight loss jealousy can be a frustrating thing to deal with. You’ve finally lost the weight and now you have a friend who isn’t happy for you. In fact, they almost seem to be jealous. These're some ways you can deal with weight loss jealousy from a friend of yours.

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If you think your friend is having weight loss jealousy, it can be very frustrating. One thing that can help is to sympathize with them. Remember how you felt before you lost weight. You probably remember feeling discouraged and like the weight was never going to come off. Realizing this is probably how your friend is feeling right now can give you a bit more compassion for them.


Offer to Help

If your friend is making remarks that make you think they’re struggling with weight loss jealousy, why not offer to help them lose weight? They may be hoping that you’ll offer. This is a caring thing to do and shows you want the best for them, too. You do have to use some sensitivity here. If your friend is not expressing any desire to lose weight then hold the offer.


Encourage Them

Your friend may be expressing weight loss jealousy because they’re discouraged about their own weight loss attempts. If you think that’s the case, offer some encouragement. Telling them you believe in them and know that they can do it can mean the world to them. It may be exactly what they need to keep going. Encouragement is one of the sweetest gifts you can give to others.


Be Their Partner

You can offer to be your friend’s partner in their weight loss journey. Maybe you can work out together or keep each other accountable on calories. Even if you’ve lost the weight you want, you probably want to work on maintaining your goal. This can be helpful for both of you. It’s nice to have a weight loss partner.


Ignore It

If the weight loss jealousy you’re sensing from your friend is mild, you may want to ignore it. It may be best to say nothing and let your friend work out their feelings. Give them some time. You probably want to handle it in a more direct manner if they’re making unkind comments. But if they aren’t saying anything and weight loss jealousy is something you only sense from them, it may be best to ignore it.


Explain Your Weight Loss

There can come a time when you need to have an honest conversation about your weight loss. It’s best to do this with kindness. But basically, you explain that you worked really hard for your weight loss. You explain you have the results you have because of the effort you put in. You explain there’re no shortcuts and you got where you are because you put the work in.


Spend Time with Other Friends

If your friend can’t seem to work through their weight loss jealousy and you’ve done all you can to be understanding and kind, it may be time to spend time with other friends. This doesn’t mean you aren’t still friends; you’re just giving them some space to deal with their jealousy. True friends are happy for you when things go well in your life. This is true even if things aren’t going so well in theirs. You deserve friends that are cheering you on for achieving your weight loss goals.

Have you had a friend that was jealous of your weight loss? How did you deal with it? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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I lost 80 lbs and my friend is overweight and she used to be skinnier than me before so now it's a flip so it's hard for her to get over it! We have both moved on though sad but ppl grow apart😕

Wow I'd never think this would happen

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