Positive Thoughts to Fuel Your Weight Loss Journey ...


Positive Thoughts to Fuel Your Weight Loss Journey ...
Positive Thoughts to Fuel Your Weight Loss Journey ...

It’s good to have some positive thoughts in mind to help you along your weight loss journey. It can even be good to write them down and put them in places that you often see. It can give you inspiration and help you to stay on track. These are some positive thoughts for your weight loss journey to remember.

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It Was One Bad Choice

This thought can be very helpful when you’re feeling discouraged with yourself for making a bad choice. It’s tempting to feel like you really blew it and beat yourself up when you make a bad choice. But you don’t have to feel that way and bring all that negativity into your day. Realize that it was one error and get right back on track. A bad choice does not have to equal a completely bad day.


Every Good Decision Counts

Another positive thought that’s good to have on your journey to weight loss is this one. Remember that every good decision counts. Maybe you slipped up and ate a candy bar but you chose a salad with grilled chicken for dinner. That’s better than two bad decisions. Celebrate every good decision that you make.


You Never Regret Healthy Choices

This bit of wisdom is a good one to remember when you’re in a place of temptation. Maybe you’re staring at a table of gorgeous cupcakes and you really want to give in. Reminding yourself of this positive thought can help you to say no. It really is true; you never regret healthy decisions. You get over temptation a lot easier than you do the guilt you may have if you give in.


A Strong Body is a Sexy Body

When you’re working out and feel like you just can’t do another set, repeat this sentence to yourself. A strong body is a sexy body. Exercise will make your body lean and toned. I’ll admit that I don’t love exercise but I do love the benefits of it. I love feeling healthy and strong.


Exercise is a Great Mood Booster

Did you know that exercise is a great mood booster? This’s another one of the benefits of exercise I love. It really helps lift your mood if you’re feeling down. It can also help you feel less irritable when you’re dealing with PMS. Both of those occur because exercise helps your body to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins.


What’s Hard Will Become a Habit

This’s helpful to tell yourself when you’re in the process of trying to form a new habit. It might be hard now but it’ll eventually become a habit. You just have to keep at it and it’ll get easier. It may be going to the gym or giving up sugar. It could be any number of healthy habits you’re trying to add into your life; whatever it is will become easier the more you do it.


Smaller Portions Equal a Smaller You

I think this one is helpful. It’s a quick little saying that you can tell yourself when you’re making your plate or trying to decide if you should go back for seconds. If you choose smaller portions, you’ll eventually become a smaller size. It can take some time but that’s okay. If you’re consistent, you’ll see results.

These are 7 positive thoughts that can help you on your journey to weight loss. What thoughts do you use to help yourself? I’d love to learn from you.

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No 7 is a good one. Most tubby people put too much on their plates or go back for second helpings.

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