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7 Ways to Stop Obsessing over Your Weight ...

By Ebangha

With all of the fad diets emerging because of the new year, it is important to find ways to stop obsessing over your weight. Obsession is never healthy. Obsessing over your weight could lead to numerous serious health issues such as anorexia and bulimia. If you have found yourself constantly looking at the scale, please take a look at these ways to stop obsessing over your weight.

1 Look at Yourself

Sometimes, we become so obsessed with our weight (the number) that we do not even know what we really look like. You may be like me where you have a muscular build. Did you know that muscle ways more than fat? Yes, you might have a flab of fat here and there, but looking at a scale will not tell you how healthy you really are.

2 Stop Counting Calories

Counting calories has many benefits. However, the quality of your calories is much more important. It will not matter if you stay below or at your calorie goal if you eat food that are horrible for your body. Try a new approach to healthy eating. Get the recommended grams of fiber and protein (along with other nutrients) in your diet. If you are hungry, do not be afraid to grab a fruit, veggie or any other healthy snack.

3 Enjoy Your Food

When was the last time you sat down and had a good, healthy meal? It is easy to start meal prepping and forget how to enjoy a meal. Do not forget that really connecting with your food through smell, sight and taste can really help you feel full. It takes the brain roughly 20 minutes to recognize when you are eating and have the potential to become full. Take your time let your food make love to your senses.

4 Eat Healthy/Clean

I cannot begin to express how important it is to eat cleanly. Junk food literally cannot help you out one bit. Clean food can taste great with the right spices and ingredients.

5 Exercise for Fun

Weight loss is supposed to be a refreshing experience. You are changing your life for the better. Take joy in your exercise regimen. If you cannot enjoy working out a certain way, do not do it. Take a dance class if you love to dance. Hike if you love fresh air. Do what makes you feel alive and happy.

6 Indulge a Bit

People always want to cut out every single “bad” food when they start an exercise regimen. This can make you obsess about your weight even more. Every now and then, it is OK to enjoy a dessert or to have a piece of chocolate. Keeping yourself on a strict diet might push you to eat even more and make your weight loss seem impossible.

7 Stop Replacing Your Meals

With all of the buzz about meal replacement shakes, it can become pretty easy to eat without eating. Please do not let yourself fall into this trap. Chances are you have eaten solid food since before your first birthday. Going back to a liquid diet can not only disrupt your bodily functions, but it can also ruin your weight loss success.

Weight loss is never easy. You can do it. We can do it. Don’t stress over a number. Relax and ease into the new you. How will you get healthy this year?

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