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The Way You Talk about Your Weight Can Help You Lose It ...

By Alicia

The way you talk about your weight is very powerful. It can make a big difference in how you feel and in your ability to lose the weight. Words are more powerful than we realize. They influence us in a major way which is why it’s very important to learn to talk about your weight in the right way to help yourself lose it.

1 Speak Positively

The first thing to remember about the way you talk about your weight is to speak positively. Talk about your weight loss as if it’s going to happen. Don’t doubt yourself with your words. Even if you have times when you feel doubtful in your heart, don’t allow your speech to reflect that. If you keep speaking positively, you’ll eventually convince yourself of what you’re saying.

2 Speak Confidently

You want to speak confidently about your ability to lose weight. Believe in yourself and say that you do. Your confidence will strengthen your willpower to stay the course. Your confidence is contagious to others, too. You can encourage others to believe in themselves on their own weight loss journey.


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3 Speak Competitively

Don’t let yourself feel intimidated by others who’ve lost weight. You can do the very same thing if you’re determined to do so. To speak competitively does not mean that you speak in a mean-spirited way. It’s just a way of speaking that reminds yourself that you can do it, too. Although if you have someone to have a light-hearted competition with, that can be motivational, too.

4 Speak Firmly

You want to speak firmly when you speak of losing weight. You want to be firm in your resolve and determination to lose weight. Be firm with yourself when it comes to sticking to the weight loss plan that you’ve decided is best for you. If you have a firm standpoint on your weight loss, others will respect that and be less likely to offer you tempting treats, which is helpful in reaching your weight loss goal.

5 Speak in Terms of the Future

Don’t be afraid to speak in terms of the future. Speak of your plans in the future concerning your weight loss. Maybe you’re excited to get to shop in a section of the store that isn’t the plus-size section. Maybe you’re going to reward yourself with a dream vacation when you reach a certain weight loss goal. Speaking of your weight loss in terms of the future will keep you encouraged.

6 Speak Excitedly

It’s okay to be excited about your weight loss. Making a change in your life for the better is a good thing. Losing weight can help you to have better health and better self-esteem. Those’re great things to be excited about. Your excitement can keep you motivated along the way.

7 Speak Happily

It’s a great thing to make positive changes in your life. It’s okay to be happy about them. Let your happiness show about your weight loss plans. Your friends and family can be happy for you and with you which is always encouraging. The power of your words is very strong and it’s good to use that to your advantage such as speaking happily about your weight loss.

These’re 7 important ways to speak about your weight to help you lose it. What’re your thoughts on this subject? I’d love to hear from you.

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