7 Hacks for Losing Weight in Every Room of Your House ...

Eliza Martinez

7 Hacks for Losing Weight in Every Room of Your House ...

When you want to lose weight, you’re probably willing to try anything. The key to successful weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. You can do this by choosing a diet made up of low calorie foods combined with plenty of physical activities. Fortunately, building these habits into your day aren’t that hard with these tips from the experts at All You magazine. You can find little opportunities to do so in every room of your house. In no time, you’ll be seeing the results you crave.

1 In the Kitchen

Obviously, your kitchen is a prime place for making changes that lead to weight loss. After all, that’s where you prepare and eat much of your food. It’s best to keep food stowed in the pantry because having it out on the counter makes it more likely that you’ll overeat. Display the healthiest stuff at the front of your fridge and pantry so you’ll reach for them more often. Do squats, calf raises and lunges while you wait for your meals to cook.

2 In the Dining Room

There are loads of research studies done examining the effects of color on appetite. According to the findings, you should avoid red, orange or yellow paint because they have been shown to stimulate the appetite. Using smaller dishes and dimming the lights can help you eat less food at mealtime. If your plates have a border design, even better, because that helps you unconsciously put less food on your plate.

3 In the Bathroom

You can absolutely do things in the bathroom that can lead to weight loss. I like to do calf raises in the shower and inclined push-ups against the sink. It’s an easy way to fit in some moves without any distractions. You can also do jumping jacks or running in place before your shower, which allows you to wash off the sweat you just worked up.

4 In the Living Room

Keep your workout equipment out in the open in your living room. That increases the chances that you’ll use it. Stow some dumbbells and a yoga might next to your television so you’re more inspired to use them as you catch up on your Netflix queue. Arrange your furniture so that you have room to get active and use a peppermint diffuser, which can help decrease your appetite.

5 In the Bedroom

Use your bed as a place to do leg lifts, crunches and planks. It’s also the prime place to get plenty of rest. Skimping on sleep increases appetite hormones, which means you could be eating more than you should be during the day. Aim for 7 to 9 hours each night. Before you hit the sack, lay your workout clothes and shoes in plain sight so there’s no reason to forget them, causing you to skip a workout the following day.

6 In the Foyer

Choose to enter your house through the foyer instead of the kitchen. This decreases your tendency to snack and graze. It’s the age old adage – out of sight, out of mind. Not seeing all those tempting snacks makes it hard not to indulge. Staying out of the kitchen as much as possible is an easy way to avoid temptation.

7 In the Backyard

Call this a room out of your house. The backyard is a great place for increasing your daily activity, and therefore your calorie burn. Throw the football with your son or run laps with your dog. If you have a green thumb, gardening is a fun and easy way to burn some extra calories. When the weather is nice, you can even lift weights or practice yoga out on your lawn.

How do you build weight loss opportunities into your day?