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Want to know the ways to maintain your weight after you have achieved your weight loss goal? It can feel pretty darn good to achieve your goal but you probably have a degree of fear in how you can keep this. After all, you worked hard to get there, so how hard will it be to maintain this number? With some work and planning, you can stay at this healthy number and create a healthier lifestyle. How? Well here are the ways to maintain your weight that, as a trainer, I live by!

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Stay on Track

Do not fall off the healthy wagon just because you reached your goal. Stay on track and make it a lifestyle. If you make your new life healthy, you will find staying at your weight to be a cinch! Start preparing meals in advance to make life easier and get with the new program. With your feel good weight, right now staying on track is one of the best ways to maintain your weight!


Eat Mini Meals

Healthy people do not starve themselves; on the contrary, they eat constantly. Did you ever notice your slim friends constantly eating? They usually do not gorge but they graze. There must be something to this, right? So carry a bag of nuts, an apple and whatever other healthy snack you like. When hunger strikes as you are on the go, you can avoid a pitfall and stay on track. That is healthy eating made simple.


Get on a Fit Schedule

Get in a regular schedule of working out at the same time so it becomes a ritual, just like brushing your teeth. By following the same time of exercise for just 30 days, it will become a habit and your body will even begin to crave these sweat sessions. This will help you maintain your weight and feel great!


Hang up Motivation

Hang up a picture of how you look now and how you looked before you lost weight. This can serve as daily motivation to help you to stay on track. Sometimes a simple reminder is all we need to keep us on track! Put this is a visible place like your bathroom mirror so that you can look at this every morning when you rise and every evening when you get ready for bed!


H2O is the Way to Go

Thirst is most often confused with hunger, so drink 10-12 glasses of water a day to avoid this. If you stay hydrated, you can also avoid bloating with water retention. So drink up and feel great!


Eat Your Greens

To get your daily needs of fiber and phytonutrients, make sure you eat your greens. Eat plenty of salads and veggies throughout the day to maintain your weight and a healthy digestive tract. Feel more energy and get sick less as a result!


Get to Bed Early

Get to bed early to better your health and your waistline. Ideally you should get 7-9 hours of sleep a night to rest your body and mind. Ample sleep can not only better your health, but it can also help you to lose weight. If you do not get proper sleep, your body secretes the hormone cortisol, which is a weight gainer. So get some shut eye and stay slim as a result!

With these ways to maintain your happy weight, you are ready to stay on track, stay healthy and have a great life! Why? Because you deserve to live a healthy and happy life! Do you have any tips for maintaining your weight?

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Also, don't starve yourself. When you do so, your bidy misses out on nutrients and when you eat it feeks the need to store as mutch of what you ate, turning what you would have eaten without any consequence into fat .

Nice to know, I guess

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