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Want to know the diet changes for weight loss that you can easily make? Simple diet changes like portion control, moderation, support and preparation can help you achieve amazing results. And along with this, you will adopt a healthier lifestyle. And I have some great stories about real people that did just this. So sit down, grab a bottle of water and read about the diet changes for weight loss to help you get started:

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Want to know one of the most proven success diet changes for weight loss? Well then start by just keeping track of what you eat. Simple as this may seem, this method helps you become accountable and when you see positive results on the scale, you can look back at your food tracking and know why. A college student I trained did just this and she achieved an astounding 30 pound weight loss in 4 months! So get a journal or go to an online tracking application, and be mindful of what and when you eat.


Hiring a Trainer

Of course I feel strongly that having a trainer provides accountability and optimum results; after all this is what I do for my career. But by helping a pre diabetic client reverse her adverse health, get off medication and lose 90 pounds, I know this works. How? By helping her with a regular exercise schedule and brushing up her diet with fewer carbs and more greens!


Going Vegan

After seeing his father have 2 heart attacks and his mother become pre diabetic, my husband decided to make changes and become vegan. As a result of his dietary changes, he lost 25 pounds and became more physically active. His parents followed the same diet changes and his father is now off heart medication. You can better your health too by eating more plant-based food!


Enlisting Your Partner

A client of mine joined Bootcamp and after seeing results, recruited her husband to join. Now with he beautiful wife down 30 pounds and the husband with a 55 pound weight loss, they are enjoying life with more energy and bettered health. Along with all this they both look amazing! You can do all this too with hard work, dedication and dietary changes!


Squeezing It when You Can

I began personal training a very busy client with little time for fitness. But with the right condensed workout program and small food changes, she was able to lose 35 pounds in just 4 months. All it took was time management, multi-tasking and the right workout delivery. You can find time for your fitness too!


Being Prepared

College students can find eating healthy a challenge when they are always on the go. But we can always get this under control with preparation. This is just what happened when a freshman in a local college called me for help. I worked with her as her trainer to get her eating under control, find more eating options, other than the food court and helping her to manage her time better. After two months of emails, daily coaching and a new friendship, she was able to find a trainer to help her to lose weight. And I met a client that showed me the passion I had to push her to find her inner strength!


Eating More Greens

A girl in her late twenties contacted me looking to better her health, lose weight and find the energy to feel her age. After 6 months of training, meeting once per week, I helped her to lose 42 pounds and become more physically active. She can now run farther than ever before, and gets up with a spring in her step each day! Now that is the way to make the most out of each day!

I hope these stories inspire you to achieve amazing weight loss results. You can achieve anything with hard work, determination, healthy eating and a little bit of sweat! Are you ready for the challenge?

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Love it

I started only eating poultry and it helps a lot

I'm not

I cannot get motivated, we built our home a few yrs ago and we have an amazing gym in our subdivision and my husband even got me a personal trainer. I have always worked out but for some reason I just can't make myself get my lazy ass up and go. I feel so guilty which makes my lack of motivation even less. I seriously feel like a loser I need some help any ideas?

Bring it! Motivating read, thanks! :)

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