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If you like to go on long strolls and you’re looking for easy ways to lose weight by walking, there may be some ideas you’ve overlooked that are surprisingly effective. While sports and dieting are the key to weight loss, walking can also be your best pal when you want to get fit – and a very cool and understanding one, I may add, especially when you don't have time to go to the gym. Here are a few of the best ways to lose weight by walking, while managing to get other tasks done in the meantime.

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Long Relaxing Walks

One of the best ways to lose weight by walking is taking regular long walks. Aside from helping you build up endurance, it will also assist you in relaxing more easily and help you reduce your bus fares or fuel expenses.


Walk Home from Work or School

Whether you’re a student or you work at a big corporation, leaving the car at home can help you burn off a lot of fat and calories each day. Simply decide to take a calming walk home, and taste that relaxing fresh air on days when you don’t have much to do.


Walk to do Your Errands

One of the best ways to lose weight by walking is to do your shopping and errands on foot. Walking might slow you down, but you can still get everything done at your own pace. Plus, the added weight of your shopping bag will make your body work harder and burn more energy.


A Complete Walking Strategy

Get a map and draw a 3-mile wide circle with your home at the center. Then look at all the places you can walk to within that radius, and set up routes to get everywhere faster, while burning up some extra calories.


Fast Paced Walking

After you’ve reached the endurance to master strolls and brisk walks, consider a 30-minute power walk three times a week. A power walk can burn up more than 400 calories an hour in some cases, so you can easily use that plan to burn up a lot more unwanted fat.


The Boss Walk

One of the best ways to lose weight by walking - and possibly even get a promotion if you play your cards well - is to ask your boss to take a walk with you while discussing company matters. A relaxing walk can ease tension, and may even help to get your ideas across more easily.


Walking in the Rain

Rainy days are usually for staying home and keeping warm, but there’s something about walking in the rain that can really stimulate your senses and make you feel more at ease. Consider a swift walk through the rain, even if it’s just going out to the grocery store, and you may be surprised by your increased energy levels. If not, at least you'll surely be rushing to get to a dry and warm place ASAP, so you'll burn more calories anyway.


Stressed or Angry?

The next time you’re angry or stressed out, instead of punching a pillow or raiding the fridge, you can consider taking a brisk walk, especially in colder weather. The added adrenaline will give you more energy for walking faster and farther, thus burning more calories. Plus you’ll also be able to exhaust your stress and anger much more easily.


Mind Your Posture

If you want to make the best out of your walks, you must pay attention to your posture and the way you move. Keep your back straight, relax your shoulders and neck, and look forward. Too many of us walk hunched over and bow our heads when walking, like we've just humbly entered a king's quarters. Also, keep your abdominal muscles firm and move your arms. These tips will not only help work out your body more effectively, but also prevent back and joint pain.

These are just some of the ways to lose weight walking. There surely are many others to fit all needs and preferences. Which one do you like best?


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Nice article

Walking is very effective! I need to get started again, but a couple of years ago I completely made over my body and mind simply by walking fast 5 days a week. It was a quick transformation too!

Great post, I'm getting back into the habit of walking atm and it feels good when the weather's just right 😊 although it can be a little bit annoying walking in the rain!

Will start this ASAP!!

Walking can burn almost the same amount of calories as running and it's softer on your joints.

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