7 Ways to Know You Don't Really Need to Lose Weight ...


What are the ways to know you don’t need to lose weight? Lots of girls convince themselves that they need to drop a few pounds when they really don't need to. It's good to be a healthy weight, but many women diet when they are already at a suitable weight (or even underweight). We are bombarded by messages that tell us we should be slimmer in order to be attractive. So how can you tell if you could genuinely benefit from losing a few pounds, or if you're just buying into an unhealthy message? Here are some ways to know you don’t need to lose weight …

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Emulating Celebrities

One of the ways to know you don’t need to lose weight is to ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Is it because you want to look like famous women or models that you've seen in the glossy magazines? Those women generally don't eat enough to be healthy; you should only be very thin if that's how your natural body type is.


Nagging Partner

Is your partner hinting that you could do with losing a few pounds? If you feel at heart that you don't really need to, then you shouldn't let yourself be influenced by someone else's opinion. If you diet just to fulfill someone else's idea of what you should look like, that suggests that your relationship may not be a very healthy one and that you're being emotionally bullied.


You Feel Fine

Do you like the way you are? Are you fit and healthy? Then you don't need to lose weight. Not everyone is meant to be skinny; women come in many different body types. If you have to diet hard to shift weight, you may be going against your own body type. Be guided by how healthy you are. If you like yourself as you are, do you really need to lose weight?


For a Career

Any career that insists you need an extremely slim body to be successful is probably not one you should waste your time (and health) on. Both modeling and some retail companies employ young, slim people as this body type is seen as best for showing the clothes off. But forcing your body to be a way that it's not intended is not a healthy way to live.



Girls are absorbing the message from an ever earlier age that they should aspire to be slim. Part of this comes from images they see, but it may also come from teasing. Is someone laughing at you and telling you that you're fat? What they are doing is bullying you, and they're wrong. They're being mean to you because they enjoy it or to stop others bullying them, not because what they're saying is the truth.


You're Pregnant

Pregnant and panicking about shifting the baby weight? Well, the time to lose the baby weight is not while you're still carrying the baby. Eat a healthy diet and get some gentle exercise while you're pregnant, but wait until after your baby's born and you've recovered before starting to lose the weight - and do it gradually. You still need energy to breast feed and look after your baby.


Unreal Goals

Finally, if you want to lose weight ask yourself honestly if your goals are reasonable. Do you want to please someone else, look like a celeb, or just tone up? You should lose weight for the right reason - your health.

Have you ever been tempted to diet when you didn't really need to?

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And if my partner tells me that I should gain some weight, is he also emotionally bullying me or is he watching out for my health?

I just don't know how I'm supposed to know if my goals are good or not it's hard to decide

I disagree with #2. A loving partner would only want the best for his gf/wife and if he suggests her to lose some pounds it would only be out of the best motives. Maybe she let herself loose and gained all the unnecessary pounds. Editors need to stop putting in our heads that we should do everything only for ourselves. It is too much of "me, me me" type of society that they want us to create. Sometimes it is okay to sacrifice yourself to please your partner.

I have an issue with number three. I have met a few people who say they feel fine, but their doctors have told them they're morbidly obese! You might be okay with how you look and how you feel inside, but if it's affecting your health maybe you should wake up.

Like the song "boys like more booty" #AllAboutThatBass

I've been thin my whole life but always wanted to be model skinny; no fat whatsoever & 100% comfortable being naked. But the truth is, I'm a "regular" human being that doesn't have a personal trainer or stylist 😉.

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