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Weight Loss Tips to Use when You're at Work ...

By Alicia

Sometimes it can feel like your work environment is sabotaging your weight loss efforts. But there’re ways around this. There’re specific weight loss tips that you can use at work. Here’re 7 of them.

1 Drink Your Daily Water Quota

One way to stay on track with your weight loss efforts is to drink water while you’re at work. Don’t let your water bottle get too far from you. If it’s close at hand then you’re likely to drink more of it. Aim to drink at least 64 oz a day. Drinking water means that you’re drinking less high calorie drinks and less likely to fill up on junk.

2 Find a Work Buddy That’s Trying to Lose Weight

See if you can find someone at work that’s also trying to lose weight. If you do, buddy up with them. You can encourage one another, talk about your weight loss journey, share recipes and exercise tips. Having support when you’re trying to lose weight is important. It makes a big difference in your success. You’ll also have someone there who can help you stay strong when everyone else is giving in to tempting treats.

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3 Take a Walk on Your Lunch

This isn’t a tip that’ll work for everyone. If you have an hour for your lunch then you may be able to fit a walk or other workout in. Maybe you could even find some coworkers who want to walk with you. If you have a gym close to your workplace then maybe you can fit a workout in after a quick lunch. It’s nice to mark working out off your list early in the day.

4 Brown Bag It

This’s a big thing you can do to help keep your weight loss efforts going strong when you’re at work. Passing on ordering out can shave hundreds of calories off your daily intake. Instead, pack a healthy lunch from home. Also pack some healthy snacks for when the mid-afternoon slump hits. This can save you from eating high calorie donuts and snack cakes from the vending machine.

5 Wear a Pedometer

Wearing a pedometer encourages you to be more active all throughout your day. It can encourage you to take small breaks to get up and move. Even if it’s just walking to the copy machine for a coworker, you’re logging steps. The easiest diet strategy can be summed up in four words, “eat less, move more.” When you do this, you’ll be successful at losing weight.

6 Use Your Breaks Wisely

Don’t just let your work breaks slip away from you. Use them purposefully. You can accomplish a lot in a 10-15 minute break. You can up your daily steps by taking a mini-walk, log your calories on an app such as My Fitness Pal or even research low calorie snacks on Pinterest. Whatever you do, stay away from the vending machine!

7 Avoid the Break Room when There’re Treats

It seems like there’re always treats at work when you’re trying to lose weight, doesn’t it? I’ve found the best way to handle tempting treats is to stay away from them. If this strategy works best for you then do your best to avoid the break room when there’s a birthday cake or other goodies. If it’s your birthday ask your coworkers to get you something yummy and healthy such as a fruit salad. Who knows? You could start a new trend!

These’re 7 tips to help you keep your weight loss efforts going strong when you’re at work. How do you do this? Your tips could help others!

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