Mind Blowing 👐🏼 Ways to Lose Weight ⚖️ without 🚫 the Added Effort ...

We all want to lose weight, but we don't want to kill ourselves in order to reach our goals. That's why Pop Sugar has created a list of little things you can do to lose weight without really trying. Here are some of the most useful tips they've shared:

1. Start Your Meals with a Glass of Water

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That way, you'll feel fuller faster, and won't overeat.

2. Eat Dark Chocolate for Dessert

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Dark chocolate is still chocolate, but it doesn't contain as many calories as most snacks do.

3. Don't Go Too Long without Eating

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The longer you wait to eat, the more you'll end up eating in the long run.

4. Get Enough Sleep

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If you're tired, you won't have any energy to work out.

5. Eat an Early Dinner

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Eat two or three hours before you go to bed, so you don't end up with digestion issues.

6. Eat High Fiber Foods

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The higher a food is in fiber, the less of it you'll have to eat in order to feel full.

7. Move More

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Don't take the elevator to class when you could take the stairs.

These activities are small and simple, but they can cause major changes. What other simple little tips do you have for women who wish to lose weight?

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