7 Weight Loss ⚖️ Tips to Apply Every Day of the Week 📆 for Great Results 👍🏼 ...

So you want to lose weight but would love some motivation to help carry you through the week? Well, guess what? You are not alone. Most of us would, but we are just not sure where to turn. Maybe you always wanted a trainer but could not manage to splurge and spend the money required for this fitness expert. Or maybe you are a gym wannabe but not sure where to go? Okay, well, sit tight and relax because I am your certified trainer with over a decade of experience and I am here to help you get in your best shape. Here are the weight loss tips for every day of the week to help you get fit and feel fab!

1. Make Monday Not so Manic

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As you start the week and get into your work routine, make Monday not so manic by getting out for your workout, enjoying some cut up veggies for a snack and diversifying your meals. Variety is the spice of life so enjoy different healthy dishes all prepared by yours truly, you! And make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water each day to aid digestion!

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