Life-Changing Tips for Girls Who Want to Nail Their Weight Loss Goals ...

By Alicia

Life-Changing Tips for Girls Who Want to Nail Their Weight Loss Goals ...

Losing weight is challenging even without obstacles. But when they’re added into the mix, shedding some pounds can feel impossible. Thankfully, there are ways around most obstacles that are blocking the path to your goal. Here are some of the most common obstacles and solutions to them.

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1 You Don’t Have Family Support

This is rough. Losing weight is a lot easier if your family will get on board with you. But many times they aren’t willing to do that. If you’re in this position then you need to find support in other ways. Ask your friends to give you encouragement along the way or sign up with a weight loss group online.

2 Eating out Derails Your Diet

Do you feel like you always veer off course when you go out to eat? It’s easy enough to do. There are chips and salsa or the bread basket to contend with before you even place your order. There are ways to get around this weight loss obstacle, though. Pass on the bread basket and decide what you’re going to order before you arrive at the restaurant so you don’t even have to look at a menu.

3 You Hate Exercise

Oh, I’m with you on this one! I truly wish that I loved to exercise, but I don’t. When this is the situation, you’ve got to get creative. Find an exercise you at least like - it’ll be something different for all of us. For me, I enjoy a brisk walk so that’s my main method of physical activity.

4 You Eat when You’re Stressed

It’s easy to turn to food when you’re stressed. That tub of Ben & Jerry’s is calling your name and you’re too upset to think of reasons to say no. That’s why it’s important to think of alternative coping mechanisms before stress hits. Calling a friend or journaling about your feelings are healthier options than upping your calorie count due to stress.

5 Your Motivation Ebbs and Flows

It can be difficult to stay consistently motivated when you’re trying to lose weight. To keep your motivation steady, have a list of things you can do to give yourself a boost when you’re just not feeling it. Maybe you can read inspiring quotes on weight loss or work on an inspiration board. Maybe you can log onto your favorite weight loss website for support. Be ready to take action if you feel your motivation dropping.

6 You Feel Overwhelmed at How Far You Have to Go

It can feel overwhelming when you think of how far you have to go. But it can be inspiring to look how far you’ve come if you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a while. You can also use the trick of breaking your weight loss up into smaller goals. Instead of focusing on losing the entire fifty pounds, focus on losing five. Celebrate each step along the way!

7 You Give in to Temptations Easily

Temptations are, well, tempting! That’s why it’s important to deal with them however you have to. For some of us that means not bringing them into the house in the first place. Follow the out of sight, out of mind school of theory. You can also find substitutions for your favorite treats so that you don’t feel totally deprived.

These are some of the common obstacles to weight loss and some ideas on overcoming them. What’s your toughest weight loss obstacle? You’re welcome to share any tips you have, too!

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It's now. Summer season! I'm off all summer, so I'm up late watching movies, and I'm sorry, but who doesn't enjoy snacking while watching movies?! So my kitchen is all filled up with healthy versions of my favorite snacks, as well as an overhaul of fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol and appetizer.

This is actually spot on

Thanks a lot! This really helped me.

Sugar addictions!!! Cookies and chocolates!! Oooh and willpower,

My obatacle is boredem eating at work. Im a bank teller and traffic is slow for my branch. I dont have access to internet or my phone and i dont like buying books so i dont want to read. So the only thing i can do is eat.

one tip is to try to make a healthy match like instead of icecream, freeze a nonfat yogurt, or instead of soda use real lemonade

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