7 Classic Mistakes All Girl Who Use the Scale Make ...


7 Classic Mistakes All Girl Who Use the Scale Make ...
7 Classic Mistakes All Girl Who Use the Scale Make ...

Knowing what you weigh is probably important to you or you wouldn’t be reading this article. You can make some mistakes that’ll give you an inaccurate weight. This isn’t what you want! These’re 7 mistakes to avoid in order to know your accurate weight.

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Weighing at Different Times of the Day

Weighing yourself at different times of the day is mistake number one. Your weight is going to fluctuate a good bit over the course of a day. Your truest weight is always going to be in the morning. Weighing yourself in the morning after going to the bathroom and before having anything to eat or drink are good tips to follow. It’s also good to make sure your clothing is about the same each time you weigh to avoid it being thrown off. There’s a difference between weighing while wearing a tank and boxers one day and heavy winter pajamas the next.


Weighing More than Once a Day

It’s not good to weigh yourself more than once a day. This can actually lead to you becoming a little obsessive with the scales. I’ve been there and had to break myself from this habit! I know it’s tempting when you want to see the number on the scale drop so badly. Challenge yourself to only weigh daily or even once a week.


Not Using the Same Set of Scales Each Time You Weigh

Different scales can vary over a few pounds. It’s best to just stick with one set of scales. Your results will be more accurate. Of course the doctor’s scales are probably going to be most accurate but don’t be discouraged if you weigh a bit more there. As long as you’re seeing progress on your set of scales, that’s what matters.


Weighing Yourself While Wearing Accessories

Jewelry can weigh you down! As can belts, chunky shoes and other accessories. If you do weigh yourself after getting dressed for the day then be sure to take into account all the accessories you’re wearing. For example, I have a pair of boots that weighs over two pounds! This’s another reason it’s best to weigh yourself in the morning.


Going Only by the Scale

Going only by the number on the scale is a mistake. The scale can’t tell you if your body is healthier because of the healthy choices you’re making or that you’ve lost inches but not weight due to working out. In my experience, I’ve found that the scale lags a bit. It seems to take a few days or even a week or two to reflect the difference I’m seeing in the mirror. That doesn’t really make sense but I’ve found it to be true.


Forgetting That Your Weight Can Fluctuate

Here’s another reason not to get too bent out of shape if your weight changes by a pound or two. Weight fluctuates! Water weight, hormone changes and even constipation can make your weight off a bit. Give yourself a few days before you stress over it. More than likely you’ll see your weight drop back to normal.


Letting It Determine the Sort of Day You’re Going to Have

Another mistake I’ve made. We can’t let the scale determine the kind of day we’re going to have. So what if it’s up two pounds? That’s no reason to be sad and bummed all day! You are more than your weight, ladies! Determine to make each day a good day no matter your weight.

These’re 7 common mistakes that can be made when weighing yourself. Have you been making any of them? Your comments are always welcome!

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Muscle weighs more than fat, which may well explain why you see the difference visually before the scale 'sees' it

The scale is meant to be your friend or your enemy. I think it's meant to help you notice patterns in your weight over time to understand yourself better.

Number 7 is true for me I always let my weight define the way I was and what I wore

Right I think I'm gonna weigh myself, it's been a while! And I won't get cranky at it, hopefully it'll be some motivation!

How do you loose fat when ur 14 and haven't hit puberty

I'm going to Florida in 2 weeks

Does anyone know which is the most effective workout to burn fat, but not build muscle?

Turns out I've lost weight since I last weighed myself - I thought I was 65kg and was so shocked to see 60kg show up - I always thought that winter puts on the extra kgs!

I wana lose in 30 days is any 1give me diet chart .i love to eat alot ... My weight is 95 kg how can i reduce???

Her feet are really weird.

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