7 Incredible Secrets to Shedding Those Impossible Final 10 Pounds ...


7 Incredible Secrets to Shedding Those Impossible Final 10 Pounds ...
7 Incredible Secrets to Shedding Those Impossible Final 10 Pounds ...

Aren’t those last 10 pounds difficult to shed? When you first start on a weight loss transformation, the weight comes off much easier. It’s so rewarding! But when you get down to those last 10 pounds, the scale seems to come to a standstill. These are some tricks to help you lose the last little bit.

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Take a Closer Look at Your Portion Size

You may be eating more than you realize. For example, are you really having half a cup of ice cream? Most of us eat at least double that when we enjoy this treat. And it can be this way with many things. Take careful look at the portion size of your foods and compare it to the actual serving size.


Switch out Your Condiments

Certain condiments can sink your diet. Something as simple as changing them up can help those last 10 pounds start to vanish. Trade the mayo on your sandwich in for a skinny 5 calories of mustard. Leave the butter and sour cream off your baked potato and try it topped with 10 calorie salsa. There are tons of condiment swaps you can make to shave calories off your meals.


Drink More Water

Water is beneficial to your weight loss efforts in two ways. One, it’s completely calorie free. Two, it helps your body to get rid of bloating. In addition to those things, it’s the healthiest beverage you could choose. Make it a goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.


Change up Your Workout

If you’ve been doing the same workout for weeks or months on end then it may be time to mix it up. You might need to choose something with a little higher calorie burn. You might need to add in some strength training. A lot of times we neglect strength training because it doesn’t sound like it would be very helpful to your weight loss efforts. But it’s actually been proven to be very effective in helping lose both weight and inches.


Snack Smart

Your snacks could be the issue. What do you grab when you want to munch in between meals? A handful of chips could actually equal 150 calories. Two chocolate chip cookies could bring you in around 170 calories. Choose fresh fruits and veggies when you have the urge to snack. Yogurt is a good choice, too.


Cut Back on Calories You Drink

Maybe you drink tons of water but you still have a daily Starbucks habit that’s racking up hundreds of extra calories per drink. Some of those delicious little treats can really wreck your diet. You don’t have to completely give up your craving for a sweet beverage, though. There are options at Starbucks and many other restaurants that have a lower calorie and fat content. Do a bit of exploring on your favorite restaurant’s websites to discover what light beverage options they offer.


Stop Stressing over It

Stressing over those last 10 pounds won’t help at all. It may even make your efforts less productive. Continue doing your best to make changes where you need to and more than likely the weight will come off. Even if it doesn’t, if you’ve reached within 10 pounds of your goal, you’ve done amazing! Don’t let those last few pounds hold you back from celebrating your success.

These are some tips that can help you lose those last 10 pounds. Are you in this spot? Do you have any helpful tips to share?

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Dunkin Donuts flavored iced coffees are a yummy treat and only 110 calories for a small.

Hey does someone know how you can upload your own post from the ipad? Like is there a button which says add your post?

@Livebeauty. Have you tied clicking on your little circle picture on the left hand side of your post ?

Moi!!!! Lol

Skip the patato instead of butter!

I only drink water or unsweetened motts apple juice, that helps with the weight lose, if you don't like the taste of the apple juice and you want something sweet, you can juice fruits like a smoothie without milk it's delicious.

A grande mocha iced is only 100 calories! It's soooo good

I measure everything out in baggies...it helps me keep track

Is someone here lol

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