How to Tell if You Are Losing Weight for Girls Who do Not Have a Scale ...

By Eliza

Losing weight is a tough journey that can often be even harder when you have to step on the scale and see what the number for the day is. Many experts say that you shouldn’t do daily weigh-ins, but should only use the scale once a week or so. How do you tell you’re losing weight then? Turns out there are many ways to determine if you have dropped some pounds without even having to own a scale. Here they are – use them well!

1 Your Clothes Are Getting a Little Bit Baggier

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to put on a pair of pants that used to snug and now they are a little bit loose? This is one of the easiest ways to tell you’ve lost weight if you don’t want to get on the scale. Choose an item of clothing to be your base and try it on every couple of days. As long as it continues to get loose, you’re on the right track.

2 You Look Slimmer in the Mirror

Other people might not see a difference yet, but if you notice a slimmer silhouette in the mirror, chances are you have lost some weight. You are very familiar with your body so you’ll notice that you are looking a bit different just by glancing in the mirror.

3 The Tape Measure Tells You so

Instead of relying on the scale to tell you what progress you’ve made, try using a tape measure instead. When you lose weight and replace it with muscle, the number on the scale might not be what you expect. However, using a tape measure can give you an accurate picture of your weight loss based on the inches you’ve lost. Many people keep a seamstress’s tape measure on hand as they work on their weight loss goals.

4 You Start Getting More Compliments

When other people start noticing that you’ve slimmed down, chances are they’ll tell you so. If people start saying how great you look or that you’ve definitely lost some weight, you can assume that your new size is getting close to where you want it. Don’t rely on other’s comments alone, but if you get them, be sure you’re headed where you want to end up.

5 You Start Craving Good Food and Exercise

When you start wanting a healthier lifestyle, you know that you’re on the right track to getting to your goal weight. As you make healthier choices, your body begins to want the things that make it feel good. You can assume that if you want the salad over the Stromboli, that you are probably slimming down and will continue to do so as long as you continue making those good choices.

6 Your Space Starts to Feel Roomier

Have you started noticing that your seat in the car isn’t as tight or that you can move around your office with more ease? That’s because you’re losing weight! You can tell you are dropping weight if your normal spaces are feeling more spacious. That includes where you sit and walk over the course of a normal day.

7 Your Doctor Says so

When you make a weight loss plan, it’s always a good idea to work with your doctor so you can do so in a healthy way. This will probably involve a certain number of check-ups to see your progress. If your doctor is happy and proud of your progress, you can be too!

How do you know you’ve lost weight? Which of these techniques sound like one you could do?

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