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When you metabolism is revved, you burn more calories in a resting state. Sounds pretty good, right? There are plenty of products and diets out there that claim to speed your metabolism without much effort. The truth is that you may need more than those fads to get yours going. In fact, there are several tweaks you can make to your daily routine that will get your metabolism humming along so that you can burn more calories and lose some weight. Try these and let me know how it goes.

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Start Lifting Weights a Couple of Times Each Week

This is the single best way to get your metabolism going. When you build lean muscle mass, you naturally burn more calories. In fact experts say that for every pound of fat you turn to muscle, you burn an additional 14 calories per day. Maintaining muscle, even in a resting state, requires more energy, so your body burns more calories when it’s muscular. Aim for two or three strength training sessions each week.


Drink a Jolt of Caffeine before You Exercise

No, you don’t want to be sucking down liters of coffee every day, but consuming about 16 ounces of caffeine before your workout can help you burn more calories as you exercise. This only works if that’s all the caffeine you take in. If you sip it all day long, you might not notice the same results. Black tea is an alternative if you don’t like coffee.


Make a Switch to Paleo Eating to Burn Calories

Digesting food burns calories! However, that doesn’t mean you cancel out what you eat when it digests. Protein takes more calories to digest than carbs and other foods, so following the Paleo meal plan makes sense if you want to rev your metabolism. Good sources of protein include lean beef, chicken breast, fish, low-fat dairy foods, beans and nuts.


Add a Mug of Green Tea to Your Meals

Green tea is loaded with catechins, which are plant compounds that help rev your metabolism. Decaf green tea doesn’t work, but if you add two or three cups of it to your meals over the course of the day, you might notice yourself slimming down without much extra effort. This isn’t as effective as strength training, but it certainly can’t hurt.


Turn the Thermostat down in Your House

Experts say that sitting at 60 degrees can boost your metabolism. Why? Because your body fat regulates your temperature so if it needs to keep you warmer, you burn more calories. This kind of body fat is the good kind that your body needs just to function. But as it activates your temperature regulation, it burns the kind you want to get rid of.


Stay up Late (with Caution)

A recent study found that people who only got five hours of sleep burned more calories the next day than people who got more or less than that. However, you must use caution if this is your chosen form of metabolism boosting. Not only is it not as effective as anything else on this list, but being tired can make you feel hungrier so you’ll have to be careful not to gorge, which will totally undo the effects.


Eat Something Spicy for Dinner Tonight

There is some debate about whether this really works or not, but since spicy food is so delicious, it can’t hurt to try. Some research says that eating something spicy speeds your metabolism for fat burning, while other studies say that even if that’s true, the effect is negligible. If you love spicy foods, go ahead and indulge to see if it works for you.

Did anything on this list surprise you? Will you make any of these changes to get your metabolism going?

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Problem with little sleep is that you mainly lose muscle mass and not fat.

Will try some of these

I don't agree

Great tips :)



Great tips will try these

I started with the green tea every day a while ago, this has shown significant change in my daily lifestyle as I feel awakened and refreshed as soon as I drink it. It also suppresses my appetite a little bit

The paleo tip is cool and all but you dont eat dairy on a paleo diet like it says in the post... Just saying

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