Weight Loss Friendly Tips for Your Next Backyard BBQ ...

Summertime parties are so much fun, but they are hard to navigate when you’re watching your weight. Not only is there a ton of food on display, but much of it is too rich and decadent to be healthy. There are some ways to eat right and still attend a backyard bbq. By using some of them, you can enjoy good food, time with friends and family and still go home without any eating guilt. Here’s how to stay on track next time you’re hanging in the yard.

1. Choose Grilled Chicken over Burgers or Hot Dogs

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Chicken breast is lower in fat and calories than both hamburgers and hot dogs. You can satisfy your appetite with a good amount of meat and still have space for a side dish or two. Chicken doused in BBQ sauce is an iconic summertime food so indulge away. If there isn’t any chicken, have half a burger or stick to a plate of healthy side dishes.

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