Here's How to Incorporate More Veggies into Your Weight Loss Plan ...

Lately, it seems like everyone is switching to a plant-based diet. Whether you’re completely switching to a plant-based diet or you just want to add more vegetables to your diet, it can be hard to find new and fresh ways to do so without getting completely sick of vegetables. Even though they make you feel better, it can be easy to get burnt out from eating so much of the same food. This list, though, will make eating vegetables fun!

1. Opt for Salads when Eating out

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When you’re at a restaurant, it can be extra tempting to go for an unhealthy dish that you wouldn’t make for yourself at home, either because it takes so much work or because you know it’s unhealthy and ordering it is just a split decision. Rather than fall prey to bad food when eating out, make it a goal of yours to order a salad every time you go to a restaurant. That way, other bad foods aren’t even on your radar!

2. Add a Juice Every Day

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You don’t necessarily need to go on a juice cleanse to reap the benefits of juicing! If you want to try juices but don’t want to go on a juice fast, simply add a juice to your regular routine. Have one with breakfast, lunch, or even after dinner. You’re consuming a ton of vegetables without sitting down and chewing all of those fruits and vegetables. It’s fast and easy!

3. Prepare Veggies in Different Ways

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I don’t know about you, but I get sick of salads after a while. Instead of constantly eating salads and then getting burnt out, I look for new ways to prepare my favorite vegetables. Sometimes I’ll turn them into chips with a little salt and quick bake in the oven, or I’ll sautΓ© them. It’s such an easy way to switch up your veggies and avoid getting sick of them!

4. Slip Them into Your Desserts

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If you can’t seem to let go of your favorite desserts (you’re not alone!) then try sneaking vegetables into your desserts. You’d be surprised at how many dessert recipes are out there that sneak in vegetables without compromising the taste. Whether you’re looking for brownies, a cake recipe, or cookies, you’ll find a variation that gives you your vegetables!

5. Plan One Meal a Day as Plant-Based

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If you want to go on a completely plant-based diet but can’t bring yourself to completely make the change, start small. Plan one meal a day to be plant-based. You can either stick with one meal a day, or slowly transition into a fully plant-based diet. Whatever feels right for you is the way to go!

6. Go for Veggie-Infused Water

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Want to get the vitamins and benefits from your veggies but don’t actually want to eat them? Chop them up and put them in your water for a fun, infused drink to bring along with you this summer. Not only is it full of vitamins and antioxidants, but it’s refreshing too!

7. Add Them Even to Your Cheat Meals

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Everyone has cheat meals. However, just because they’re cheat meals doesn’t mean that you need to completely forgo any nutritional value altogether. Instead, get a side of vegetables or a side salad with the rest of your cheat meal to ensure that even on your unhealthy days, you’re still getting vegetables!

How do you add vegetables to your everyday diet? Let me know the rules that you absolutely live by in the comments so I can get some new ideas!

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