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A vacation is a time to hang loose, relax and just enjoy life. However, it can be a real drag if you’re on a diet or trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Hands up how many of you have returned home from vacation and all the memories of the great time you had are out the window because you step on the scale the morning after you get home? Yep, as I expected - a sea of hands! But that doesn’t mean you should ruin a vacation by not being able to indulge, or try fabulous new food, or a drink or two. It’s best to find a balance. Have a great time and not freak out at the needle on the scale with these handy tips:

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Eat before You Travel to Avoid Mindless Munching on the Journey

One of the very first tips that will help you to avoid weight gain on vacation is to have a good, balanced meal before you set off on your travels. Eating and snacking at an airport is never the healthiest option with a plethora of fast food outlets, and then the food on the plane may not be the best either. Knowing you have started your vacation on the right note will encourage you not to binge while away.


Bring Some Sportswear to Remind You to Keep Fit

Remember to pack some sneakers and gym shorts along with all your vacation clothes and bathing suits. Depending on where you are going, there may be lots of opportunities to go on a late afternoon hike or jog to burn off some of that inevitable holiday excess. And if you’re not feeling like much of an adventure, your hotel may just have a gym to utilise.


Watch Your Portion Sizes Wherever and Whatever You Eat

Going on vacation means eating out more often than not, and the key thing to think about when in the restaurants is the size of their portions. Being on a diet at home means that you will probably have been eating much smaller portions, so don’t be embarrassed to leave some food on your plate if you are going to feel more comfortable in the long run.


Limit Your Alcohol Intake to Avoid Empty Calories

Some people would be really shocked to find out the calorific content of some of their favourite alcoholic beverages. You wouldn’t want your hard work of keeping tabs on your food intake to be completely undone by piling on the ‘secret’ calories that are hidden in drinks. Yes, you are on vacation and want to let your hair down, but just be mindful that a successful diet relies on cutting out certain drinks as well as certain foods. Holiday destinations usually have fabulous fresh juices – just as refreshing as an alcohol-laden cocktail.


Aim for Two Healthy Meals per Day

It is absolutely understandable to want to relax a little and enjoy yourself by having a little extra luxurious food whilst on vacation, but a good compromise to try to maintain your great diet work is to try to have two healthy meals a day which will allow you to have one slightly more naughty meal in the evening. Make the most of the hotel’s catering to eat as healthy as possible in the morning and afternoon, and you will not feel guilty about sampling some local delicacies at night!


Make the Most of the Swimming Pool!

If you are at a hotel with a swimming pool or a location near a beach, then you have a form of fun exercise right there at your fingertips! Top up on your tan and burn off some of your vacation calories at the same time by doing a respectable amount of laps at some point during the day. Swimming is a wonderful all body workout and it will give you a great chance to show off your cute holiday swimsuit!


Having Fun Being Active Counts as a Workout

Overall, no matter where in the world you go, the best way to keep from putting on the pounds during your vacation is stay active! Make the most of the foreign setting and culture and go on day trips that involve walking, cycling or even skiing depending on where you go. Do as much as you can to make it as memorable an experience as possible. If you really do just want to lounge by the pool or on the beach – go back and read point 6.

How do you feel about vacations and weight loss? I personally ignore every rule and deal with the result of my excesses when I get home! (Oops – should I really have admitted that? ^_^) Does that idea freak you out?

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Walking on the sand is a workout. Just have fun. Don't stress over your weight... One week is not going to ruin it.

Thanks Neecey. What does one do on a cruise though with tempting 24 hour food available ? Bit difficult to say the least! I do manage though and usually return home only 2 or four pounds heavier. Your tip on smaller portions though does work. Not sure at all about the fruit juices though as can be very high in calories. I usually halve half wine,half water which helps.

I'm very good on vacations. I think of it as I'm not going to ruin all of my hard work over the course of 1 week! Even on my honeymoon I held back from a lot of tempting treats.

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