The Art of Using a Food Journal to Lose Weight ...


The Art of Using a Food Journal to Lose Weight ...
The Art of Using a Food Journal to Lose Weight ...

When it comes to methods and devices that are proven to help with weight loss, keeping a food journal is officially tried and tested. Of course, it can only work if you do it properly, just like any other commitment you make, like exercise, for example. You might think that it is just a case of writing down what you eat, but there is so much more to it than that. If you really want it to make a difference for you, then here are some pointers on how to keep a food journal to lose weight.

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Be Prompt

Get into the habit of noting down the foods that you eat as quickly as possible after the meal. It is the only way that you will be able to truly be accurate with your journal, because there is no use having one if you are only going to enter in the details of foods that you have only remembered rather than all the foods that you actually ate.


While Eating

Even better, why not write down the foods that you have during the day as you are sat there eating them? It’s a good habit to get into and the act of having to think and note down while you are eating can actually have the effect of encouraging you to eat less and eat more sensibly and mindfully.


Review Emotions

When you are writing down what you are eating, take a moment to consider your emotional state at the same time. When you align your emotions with the things that you are eating, you might be able to come to some conclusions about eating trigger points that you can then start addressing to end up with a healthier overall diet.


Filler over Flavour

Keep a thorough food journal and you will be able to determine the times when you go for filler over flavour. The case is usually that filler is bad for you but flavour alludes to foods of a better quality. That wrap you had, the main flavours were things like the steak, the rice, and the beans, so did you really need to throw in the sour cream, cheese and other unhealthy toppings too?


What You Missed

Don’t just think about the things that you have eaten and recorded, look back on your writing and try to identify the things that are missing from your diet that should ideally be there. There is probably going to be a few blind spots, whether they be in the realm of vegetables or fruits or fibre or probiotics.


Be Honest

Above all else, you really just need to be completely honest with yourself when recording your food intake. A food journal will only work if you use to identify areas that need improvement, so cheating on your homework is never going to do anything but give you a false sense of what your lifestyle is actually like.

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