Ways to Lose That Stubborn Weight ...

Weight loss is one of the biggest concerns and has no one solution. It requires effort, time, commitment, and a combination of regular habits to yield results. Here are a few ways that can help in shedding those pounds..

1. Have a Drink

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Have a drink first thing in the morning! Ginger shots, lemon water, or a simple glass of water all help in increasing your metabolism.

2. Morning Workout

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Do a 30-45 minute workout. Running, swimming, jogging, cycling, yoga are all good options.

3. Eat Small Healthy Meals Every Few Hours

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Cook with ingredients that provide you with energy and fill you up until your next meal, for example, a healthy green smoothie

5. Drink Detox Water Throughout the Day

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Drinking water is one of the best ways to detoxify yourself and stay healthy, not to mention keep your skin glowing

6. Avoid Sugar

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Refined sugar is one of the worst things for your body. There are other much healthier alternatives like honey, jaggery, and agave syrup to add to your tea & coffee.

7. Afternoon Workout

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Find time to squeeze in another small workout in the afternoon, maybe do some HIIT for 10 mins? There are loads of fitness apps you can download which have guided workout routines.

8. Sip on Weight Loss Teas

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There are many teas that promote weight loss and are a better choice than drinking those costly sugary lattes; you can lose weight, and save some bucks as well. White tea, green matcha tea, and rooibos tea are all known to promote weight loss.

9. Stay Active All Day

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Complete household chores, park your car further away, take the stairs, and walk instead of taking the bus. These small activities add up and if done regularly, can help you lose some pounds as well.

10. No Munching after Dinner

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Avoid eating before you go to bed. Your body needs at least 3 hours to digest your dinner. However, If you can't resist, a glass of skimmed milk with turmeric is a good shout as it is known to build lean muscle during sleep.

All these steps add up and if followed seriously, you'll see results in no time. What is your weight loss secret?

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