How She Lost 50 Pounds in Three Months ...


How She Lost 50 Pounds in Three Months ...
How She Lost 50 Pounds in Three Months ...

For many women, this could become a total lifestyle. Would you like to know more? Learn how to lose 50 pounds in three months with Nicole as she shares her exact meal plan in this video

Personally, I would struggle with oatmeal every morning, needing to research some other substitute.

Lunch seems tolerable. I am an Italian bread girl, so trading my Italian for wholemeal would take some extreme effort. But, quite possible.

Furthermore, I would need a lunchmeat other than chicken breast...for example, pepperoni or salami. Hey, you have got to let me have at least one thing that I do like or I would gorge later in the day.

Did she say spaghetti? Yay! But, yet again, my dreams come crashing down... She says whole-wheat, again. Maybe I could use a really good spaghetti sauce to mask the taste.

A good thing? We may have a salad with our spaghetti dinner!

Snacks such as crackers and cheese are good. But only 6 crackers?

Next, as a treat, I would need a few more cookies other than two. I say these things as I would probably gorge if not.

But, all in all, I think her plan would work for many women.

I hope you found this video to be motivational and inspiring!

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