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How She Lost 50 Pounds in Three Months ...

By Leiann

For many women, this could become a total lifestyle. Would you like to know more? Learn how to lose 50 pounds in three months with Nicole as she shares her exact meal plan in this video

Personally, I would struggle with oatmeal every morning, needing to research some other substitute.

Lunch seems tolerable. I am an Italian bread girl, so trading my Italian for wholemeal would take some extreme effort. But, quite possible.

Furthermore, I would need a lunchmeat other than chicken breast...for example, pepperoni or salami. Hey, you have got to let me have at least one thing that I do like or I would gorge later in the day.

Did she say spaghetti? Yay! But, yet again, my dreams come crashing down... She says whole-wheat, again. Maybe I could use a really good spaghetti sauce to mask the taste.

A good thing? We may have a salad with our spaghetti dinner!

Snacks such as crackers and cheese are good. But only 6 crackers?

Next, as a treat, I would need a few more cookies other than two. I say these things as I would probably gorge if not.

But, all in all, I think her plan would work for many women.

I hope you found this video to be motivational and inspiring!

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