8 Helpful Tips to Prevent Overeating when Trying to Lose Weight ...

Overeating is probably one of the hardest things for anyone to overcome in their weight loss journey. You know what you should and shouldn’t eat. You even do pretty well at eating the right things. Trouble is, even too much of the good stuff can mean too many calories and this just blows your weight loss efforts. What you need are these tips to prevent overeating when trying to lose weight.


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Some foods are just tempting to eat even when you aren’t hungry. You have to find a way to avoid the temptation. If you have to, avoid food all together when you aren’t hungry. Don't feel tempted by something just because it looks or smells good.


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Many experts suggest this tip to not overeat. They suggest planning out small meals throughout the day. Try to eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 larger ones. Knowing what you are going to eat in a couple hours may save your from eating too much at one.


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Enjoy each bite of food and chew slowly. If your meal is so amazing you should want to savour it, not rush through each bite and on to the next. That second or third mouthful doesn’t taste any better than the first. Chewing slowly is one of the best ways to prevent yourself overeating.

4. PUT down YOUR FORK between BITES

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It takes your stomach a time to register that it is full. Most of the time we have already eaten too much by the time our stomach has communicated to our brain that it is full. The answer? Put your fork down between bites. Don’t pick it back up until you have completely finished chewing your bite and swallowed.


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Fill up on the good and healthy stuff first. Vegetables have more fibre than simple carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, and white rice and are better to fill up on. Eat your veggies, chew slowly, put down your fork between bites, and then move on to the other food on your plate.


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Sometimes dessert is too good to skip. It’s fine to indulge as long as you have made allowance for it. But instead of stuffing that sticky toffee pudding or New York cheesecake in your mouth, share it with your dining partner. You’ll still have the satisfaction of a delicious dessert, just less of it.

7. ASK for a DOGGY BAG

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It’s easier to control portions at home than when eating out. Food portions at restaurants can be insane. Sometimes one course can be enough to feed two or three people. Ask for a doggy bag for half of your meal right away, so you aren’t tempted to eat it. Save the leftovers for lunch or dinner another time.


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Don’t forget to drink water. One of my favourite tips to not overeat is to drink a tall glass of water right before you start to eat. Then, continue to drink water with your meal. The water takes up room in your stomach making you feel fuller sooner and saving you from overeating.

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