Healthy Paleo Snacks for Those Who Are Losing Weight ...


Healthy Paleo Snacks for Those Who Are Losing Weight ...
Healthy Paleo Snacks for Those Who Are Losing Weight ...

Paleo refers to a way of eating that is very similar to our ancient ancestors, which means it revolves around fresh fruits and veggies and goes easy on the milk and grains. For many people, making the switch to a paleo diet allows them to lose some weight. Snacking while on a diet can be hard to master. Check out these delicious paleo snacks and you should be able to stay on track with no problem.

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Kale Chips Are a Tasty Option

Kale Chips Are a Tasty Option Kale is a superfood and should be in anyone’s diet. Kale is packed with antioxidants as well as loads of other nutrients, but it’s also ideal for a paleo meal plan. You can certainly buy kale chips at the grocery store, but making them yourself is an even healthier option. Separate the leaves, toss them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle them salt and pepper. Then lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast until they are crispy.


Nibble on Some Pumpkin Seeds

Nibble on Some Pumpkin Seeds Seeds and nuts are a great addition to your paleo style of eating. After all, they grow in abundance and our cave people ancestors likely ate them all the time. In addition to being perfectly paleo, pumpkin seeds are also rich in protein and fiber. You can eat them plain or try them sprinkled with chili powder or a dash of salt.


You’ll Love Beef Jerky

You’ll Love Beef Jerky Meat was something that cave people ate when they could catch it. Because they often killed a very large animal, they were required to preserve it so that they could make it last for several weeks or months. The point here is that beef jerky makes for one great paleo snack. It’s easy to find in a variety of flavors and has tons of protein as well. You can also make your own in a dehydrator or smoker.


Eat a Handful of Almonds

Eat a Handful of Almonds Much like seeds, nuts are a prime snack choice for anyone who is eating paleo. Almonds are one of your best choices since they are packed with healthy fats and a variety of other nutrients. You can eat them plain anytime hunger strikes and you’ll be totally satisfied and happy at the same time. Pistachios, cashews and walnuts are other choices you might like to try.


Prosciutto Wrapped Fruit Will Never Be Wrong

Prosciutto Wrapped Fruit Will Never Be Wrong Much of the diet of a paleo follower is produce and meat. If you want a gourmet style snack that incorporates both, fruit wrapped in prosciutto is a wonderful option. You get a bit of sweet and salty in every bite and you can satisfy your hunger and some nutrient needs at the same time. Try prosciutto around melon slices or berries and you’ll have your new favorite snack.


Bacon and Avocado Stacks Will Be Your Favorite

Bacon and Avocado Stacks Will Be Your Favorite Any diet that includes bacon is one that I can get behind! One of the most popular paleo snacks is smashed avocado sandwiched between a couple slices of bacon. While this snack is a delicious option, prevent going overboard or you may wind up taking in more calories than you should.


Homemade Fruit Leather is Easy to Make

Homemade Fruit Leather is Easy to Make Fruit leather totally works for paleo dieters and gives you a great option when you want something sweet that’s also healthy. Use a dehydrator to make your own homemade fruit leather and you can have any flavor you want, anytime you want it. Check out this easy recipe:

Which of these snacks do you want to eat today? What other ideas can you add?

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