7 Popular Foods Skinny Girls Are Avoiding at All Cost ...


7 Popular Foods Skinny Girls Are Avoiding at All Cost ...
7 Popular Foods Skinny Girls Are Avoiding at All Cost ...

Skinny girls know just what to eat and what to steer clear of because of their past experiences. They probably know what causes the scale to tip and the number to drop. And they are aware that just because something is advertised as healthy, does not mean it is so. Since sugar is hidden in so many popular foods, they know to avoid this at all costs. And since this is one of the main contributors of weight gain, avoiding sugar helps them to stay slim and better their health. So to help you get on track, here is a list of popular foods that skinny girls are avoiding at all costs.

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dish, food, meal, breakfast, plant, A timeless go-to for dieters and health lovers alike, yogurt is a common staple on every health advocate's shopping list. Could you be wasting calories with added sugar? Absolutely! If you are choosing flavored yogurt, there is on average 3-6 teaspoons of sugar that can kill your waistline. Chose the unsweetened version to save your waist and better your health. When you put on your skinny jeans you will be so glad you made this choice!



food, meal, dish, breakfast, plant, As you watch the commercials of slim women representing cereal as a way to slim down, you feel like this should be in your diet. But think again because on average, cereal is 20-37 grams of sugar in one serving. Believe it or not, this is actually the amount that should be consumed in an entire day! So swap out the cereal for steel cut outs to join the skinny girls in their healthier choices!



art, textile, Slim girls are sure to never drink all their calories by filling up on juice. Why? A standard glass of grape juice contains 58 g of sugar, apple juice contains 39 g, and pear juice 37 g. You would be better off having the whole fruit than drinking the high sugar content juice that will have you craving more food after.



dish, food, meal, lunch, meat, Sugar is where you would least expect it - in your ketchup. Slathering ketchup on your turkey burger can be sabotaging your efforts to make healthy choices. Ketchup has between 20-30 grams of sugar in 100 grams. And although you are probably not drowning your meal in ketchup, you should be aware of the sugar content so you make healthy choices.



food, pretzel, dessert, churro, snack food, Sure Nutella can be just what you crave to sweeten your day but your waist line will not thank you if you choose this treat. Nutella has a whopping 21 grams of sugar in 2 tablespoons. Yikes! This is definitely not a staple on skinny girls eating plan for this reason!



car, girl, blond, glasses, driving, Drinking a can of soda does anything but quench your thirst. In fact after drinking soda you may find yourself feeling hungry and thirsty. That is because of the excessive amount of sugar in coke; a whopping 7 spoons full of sugar in just one can, which is just why skinny girls avoid this at all costs!


Instant Coffee

person, lady, beauty, glasses, vision care, When life is so crazy you even skimp on time and turn to instant coffee, you probably had no idea that your waist line could suffer. Instant coffee, on average has 10 gram of sugar in one serving. Yikes! So carve a few minutes into your day to make fresh coffee if you want to slim down and avoid the impact of loads of sugar.

So with this list of foods to avoid, get shopping to slim down and get in your best shape!

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Some yogurts are okay.

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