The Secret Ways Your Partner is Making You Gain Weight ...


The Secret Ways Your Partner is Making You Gain Weight ...
The Secret Ways Your Partner is Making You Gain Weight ...

Being a relationship is a great thing, but after you've been together for a while, you might notice that you are starting to gain some weight. Of course, you're beautiful anyway, but if you're frustrated and want to get back to your smaller size, it's important to recognize how your new love could be making you gain weight. That way you can take steps to counteract the problem and still stay happily in love.

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There's More Food Lying around

You know that when food is out where you can see it, it's more likely you'll eat it. That's why you're supposed to leave fruit on the counter and hide the Cheetos. Men aren't always wired that way and could keep their Cocoa Puffs and Twinkies right there on the kitchen counter where they can tempt you when you're at his house. You can ask your partner to put them away when you're there or you could host him at your house instead.


You Watch Television when You Eat

Chances are that when you sit down to a meal with your new love you also catch up on Netflix. That's fun, but this kind of mindless eating can leave you consuming more than you normally would. If you find yourself on the couch eating snacks all the time, suggest to your guy that you get up and take a walk or go to the museum instead.


You Eat Faster

Men tend to eat faster and take bigger bites than women and when you sit down to eat with your guy, you could find yourself trying to match him. Eating fast can leave you consuming more than you normally would. Make a conscious effort to slow down while you're eating and maybe your man will do the same and you can both be a lot healthier.


You're Having More to Drink

I think we can all agree that having a cocktail is way more fun when you have someone to sip with. When you're in a relationship, you might find yourself topping off your glass more often. This can lead to more calories consumed, which may leave you piling on the weight.


Men Just Love Junk Food

It's no secret that men love eating cookies, chips and ice cream and they usually don't feel bad about it. When that food is there, you are more likely to eat it. You probably won't keep those items in your house so you aren't tempted and you can always ask you guy to hide his so you don't even know they're there.


Stay Alert for Criticism

Maybe you've put on some weight since you started dating your guy and he's starting to notice. If he's mentioned it to you, you might feel so bad that you eat more to make yourself feel better. That only means more weight gain. If you're in this situation, talk to your partner about not mentioning your weight or looks so that you can focus on slimming down without feeling bad.


Your Weight Loss Could Be the Culprit

Much like getting heavier can lead to comments from your guy, dropping some weight can make him feel uncomfortable too. Maybe he worries that you'll leave him or that you are doing things without him. Make a commitment to get healthy together and you'll both feel great and stay happily together.

Have you gained weight since you started dating? How will you drop those pounds?

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