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7 Unexpected Reasons You Gain Weight According to Science ...

By Tara

With the obesity epidemic quickly spreading worldwide, it is time to shed light on the reasons people gain weight. If we can combat this, it is time for us to make changes. So step to the plate and get ready to make changes for the better starting today. If you are open to change, be ready to transform and feel great in the process. Science is here to help you but only if you open your eyes and make choices to transform your life!

1 Eating Solo

Eating alone will not give you the emotional connection you will have from eating with friends or family and as a result you are more likely to eat more. In fact, studies show that children that eat family meals at least 3 times per week are more likely to make healthy choices. And as a result of these healthy food choices they will maintain a healthy weight. So dine with friends and family to slim down and socialize!

2 Sleep Deprivation

Get to bed sleepy head because sleep deprivation is one of the causes of weight gain. This is a proven fact that should motivate you to put on your jammies and turn the lights out. Sleep deprivation will cause you to crave more food and feel stress and this will all result in causing the scale to rise. So night, night!

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3 Watching Too Much Tv

Could your TV watching time be causing you to gain weight? Absolutely! If you are tuning in for more than 2 hours per day you are increasing your risk of obesity by 23%. Ouch! And if that is not enough to motivate you to turn off the tv, sleeping with your television on will also increase the risk. According to another study, exposure to artificial light at night, while you are snoozing, reduces levels of melatonin, a hormone that protects us from metabolic disorders that cause obesity and diabetes. So turn off the tube and get to bed!

4 Working in the Evening

Since we are programmed to sleep when it is dark out and eat when it is light, it can be alarming if you work on a night shift. This change of schedule can cause weight gain. To prevent the dreaded higher number on the scale, stay active and make sure you eat healthy portion controlled meals.

5 Listening to Relaxed Music

If you find your regular visits to the coffee shop with relaxed classical music cause you to gain weight, you are not alone. Studies show that this relaxed music you are listening to can actually contribute to you eating more. It is unexplained just why; it could be the fact that you are letting your guard down. Avoid this pitfall to slim down and feel your best!

6 Feeling Super Stressed

Studies show that when people are stressed they tend to eat more than usual and unfortunately it is not veggies they are eating too much of. They usually choose unhealthy foods when feeling stressed. So take a deep breath, relax and make food choices that nourish your body and are in line with your goals!

7 Eating Low Fat Food

Low fat foods are tricky because they are usually loaded with calories and chemicals, which can result in weight gain. Before you load up on low fat snacks which can cause the scale to tip, eat the regular natural version. Studies show people eat less of the full fat version and have less cravings as a result of the lack of chemicals as compared to low fat. So go all natural!

With all these scientific reasons that prove just what causes weight gain, transform your life and slim down by avoiding these mistakes. And better your health in the process!

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